Secret Places: Things to Do in Brisbane

Look past the main attractions and explore some of Brisbane's hidden gems. From secret rainforest gorges, to international cuisine, waterfalls and pancakes galore – you'll have plenty to do this weekend.

Northbrook Gorge

Image credit: Jussarian

If you feel like escaping into nature, Northbrook Gorge is the perfect place to do it. This trail has a bit of everything – hiking, swimming and a little bit of scrambling depending how adventurous you are. To get to this slice of paradise, drive past Maiala Park at Mount Glorious and follow the road down past Wivenhoe lookout. You'll drive steeply down the road, then park near the bridge crossing at the bottom (the parking area only fits 2 cars). From the car park, follow a rough track down to the creek and walk upstream. The first gorge is approximately a 30 minute walk, then you can swim through and continue another 30 minutes to the second gorge.

Pancake Manor

If you want to impress your out-of-town friends and fill your hungry belly with delicious pancakes, go to Pancake Manor. This long-standing pancake restaurant is located on Charlotte Street in a spectacular converted cathedral. You can also pop to the bar downstairs for a nightcap.

Jolly's Lookout, D'Aguilar National Park

Image credit: Christoph Rupprecht

One of Brisbane's oldest formal lookout spots, Jolly's Lookout was named after the Lord Mayor William Jolly back in 1930. If you aren't big on having to trek to a lookout by foot, this one is suitable for all ages and fitness levels with a road up to the lookout for easy access. Overlooking the gorgeous views of the ranges, Moreton Island, Brisbane Valley and the Glass House Mountains, Jolly's Lookout is perfect for the young and old.

Global Food Village

Soak up the international atmosphere of Global Food Village. More than 185 nationalities and cultural experiences come together every Sunday from 6am-1pm on Croydon Road. Get your fill of international breakfast food from Europe, Africa and Asia and see some multi-cultural costumes.

New Farm Park

Image credit: Andrew Sutherland

New Farm Park is the perfect place for a picnic, BBQ, stroll or quiet time alone reading a book. Thanks to the enormous fig trees, you'll find plenty of spots to set up your picnic rug for an afternoon of blissful relaxation. If you choose the right day, there's often a beautiful breeze rolling in off the river and rustling through the trees. Take some time out in this peaceful pocket right on the edge of the city.

Binna Burra

Image credit: Gail Hampshire, Gwangorool Pool

Okay, Binna Burra isn't located in Brisbane but it's well worth the road trip. This incredible rainforest escape features lodges, safari tents, campsites and a plethora of hiking trails. Binna Burra is a 1.5 hour drive for Brisbane City and well worth the trip. The bushwalking trails range from easy-hard and there are also adventure activities such as abseiling for those wanting more of a rush.

Kangaroo Point Climbing

Image credit: Rae Allen

If you want to try outdoor climbing, Kangaroo Point is a great place to start. If you don't know anyone who has outdoor climbing experience and gear, you can book a session with Riverlife. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, the 20m cliffs provide fun climbing routes and beautiful views of Brisbane City.

Once you start looking, Brisbane has an endless list of places to discover. Between the outdoor activities, cafes, cultural events and galleries, you'll never have a dull moment if you let your curious side take over. Get out there and find something new this weekend.

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