Women's Merino Thermals

When gearing up for your adventure and high performance is a priority, our women's Merino thermals are the best choice for base layers. The Merino wool offers an amazing combination of natural thermal regulation and breathability, making it exceptional for regulating core body temperature. This allows you to stay warm in chilly weather but cool down when conditions heat up. From hiking and ski adventures, to camping and just everyday wear, you won't compromise on comfort with our Women's Merino thermals range.

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When should you choose to wear Merino thermals?

Merino thermals are designed for any cold weather activity, from alpine adventures to simple, everyday use. The high breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and natural thermal regulation of the Merino wool makes them the perfect undergarment for your layering system, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable when venturing into cooler climates. Pair your thermal pants with a thermal top and feel the snug comfort of the high-quality Mountain Designs Merino wool thermals range.

Are women's Merino thermals 100% wool?

Merino sheep are famous for producing the world's best wool and our women's Merino thermals are made of 100% Australian Merino wool. This gives them a premium, soft hand-feel, as well as the natural thermal regulation that Merino wool provides. The Merino wool is also highly breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, helping you to stay comfortable during active pursuits. For superior performance and protection in cold weather, layer up with Merino pants and tops from our women's Merino thermals range.

Will Merino thermals keep you warm in cold weather?

Merino wool is a natural insulator, trapping body heat close to your skin. This means that in cold weather, your Merino thermals will help to keep you feeling warm. But Merino wool is also highly breathable, so you won't feel stuffy or damp if you're hitting the trails or ski slopes. For high quality, performance base layers that deliver warmth and comfort when the mercury falls towards zero, Merino thermals are an excellent selection.

How do women's Merino thermals help regulate body heat?

The fibres in Merino wool have a natural crimp that traps body heat close to the skin, but also allows the fabric to breathe. This is what gives Merino wool the ability to regulate body temperature. It is also moisture-wicking and quick-drying, drawing perspiration away from the skin for evaporation. With these properties, Merino wool is a highly effective fabrication for base layers.

Are women's Merino thermals stretchy and comfortable?

The crimpled structure of Merino wool fibres provides a natural elasticity that allows them to retain their shape. For this reason, Merino wool makes an excellent fabric for base layers, which should be worn close to the skin for best results. Your Merino thermals will stretch around the natural shapes and curves of your body, like thermal underwear, then bounce back into shape even after getting damp.

Are Merino thermals odour-resistant?

Your women's Merino thermals have a natural resistance to odour and bacterial build-up, making them effective for base layers that are worn close to the skin. You can wear your Merino thermal pants and tops for long periods of activity in cold weather, and still feel fresh at the end of it. So, venture out with confidence knowing you won't come back stinky or feeling clammy when the sun sets on your day outdoors.



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