Women's Gloves

Scaling a rock wall, skiing down slopes or hiking a track requires dextrous, hands-on work. In fact most outdoor activity does, so making sure your hands and fingers are protected and comfortable is just as important as the rest of your body. The Mountain Designs range of gloves for women delivers high quality, functional performance to ensure you grab adventure with both hands.

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How can you choose the best gloves for your needs?

Like all Mountain Designs adventure gear, our women's gloves are purpose-made with an end use in mind. Combining high quality fabrics, the best technologies for protection and comfort, and functional design, we have a range of gloves engineered to meet the demands of hiking, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding or any other outdoor alpine pursuit. So work out your activity, assess the likely weather conditions, then choose a pair of gloves to match.

When should you wear gloves outdoors?

Temperature and end use determine when it is best to wear gloves. When you're heading to the cold climates of the snow fields, our women's snow gloves keep your hands and fingers warm and safe from frostbite through heavy duty outers, waterproof membrane linings and synthetic fill insulation. If you're hiking or the weather is more temperate but windy, our mountaineering gloves are more suitable, as they are lightweight, highly breathable and wind resistant.

What are the warmest women's gloves?

The warmest gloves are those found in our range of women's snow gloves. They use durable outer fabrics, synthetic fill for insulation, and waterproof linings to deliver exceptional waterproof and windproof performance. They also have a brushed lining, pre-curved fingers and an adjustable fit system to maximise comfort. Our wind resistant mountaineering and multi-adventure gloves will also keep your hands warm, especially in windy conditions on the trails.

Which women's gloves can be used hiking?

Mountain Designs has women's gloves specifically for mountaineering and multi-adventure activities. These are lightweight, breathable and wind resistant, offering reliable comfort and protection in cool, dry conditions. Pre-curved fingers enhance fit and movement while the touch-screen finger tips allow you to operate a mobile device without removing the glove. Wearing gloves while hiking is a personal preference but if you do opt for some hand and finger protection, look at our range of functional, fit-for-purpose gloves for women.

Which women's gloves are great for snow activities?

Snow, ice, wind and cold temperatures make a day on the slopes challenging, no matter what activity you pursue. High quality protection and comfort is essential so a basic pair of women's winter gloves just won't cut it. Our women's snow gloves are purpose-made to handle these conditions, combining highly durable outer fabrics, waterproof linings and synthetic fill for insulation and weatherproofing. The brushed inner, pre-curved fingers, targeted padding and adjustable fit systems also enhance performance, so you can focus wholly and solely on the skiing, snowboarding or snow trekking action.



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