Men's Travel Pants & Shorts

North, south, east or west, your travels take you to faraway places as you seek adventure and fun. At Mountain Designs, we offer a great range of men’s travel pants and shorts to help you get there. Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, and made to handle the road less travelled.

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What are men’s travel pants and shorts?

Men’s pants for travel are designed to be high on the following: comfort, durability, and functionality. They’re also made to be versatile, so you can wear them in rugged outdoor settings, in varying climates, and while you’re on the move regularly. If you’re in the market for a pair of travel pants or commuter pants, you could also consider hiking pants or a cargo pant, which may work well depending on your destination, activities and travel needs.

What are the best men’s travel pants?

The best pair of travel pants for men usually offer some or all of the following benefits and features:

Comfort/Mobility – Often the best pants for travel have articulated knees and are made from soft stretch fabric, which allow for ease of movement.

Durability – Travel clothes should be hard-wearing, abrasion resistant and pill resistant, to withstand the rougher treatment they may be exposed to on long flights, sightseeing trips, and days of adventurous activity.

Lightweight – Lightweight men’s travel pants will provide comfortable travel, with less bulk and weight to carry on your person.

Quick Drying – Water resistant, quick dry travel pants are ideal, as you may get more exposed to wet weather or spills on your travels, and will probably have less time to dry your pants when you wash them. A Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish will help keep water, blood or food/drink spills from penetrating the outer fabric.

Moisture Wicking – Pants for travel should be moisture wicking to help remove perspiration from your skin and off the fabric surface, keeping you cool and dry.

Easy Care – You’ll probably wash your clothes less frequently while travelling. With that in mind, go for easy-to-maintain fabrics that will keep your travel jeans wrinkle free while packed in luggage for periods of time. Also, if your pants for travel have an anti-odour treatment such as Polygiene®, you can wear them more often between washes.

Functional Pockets – Having multiple pockets makes travel pants functional and easy to wear. Hidden pockets or a zippered pocket are great for security, protecting your personal belongings and valuables from pickpockets. Many hiking pants have cargo pockets, so these can be a handy option for travel wear also.

How do I roll men’s pants for travel?

Knowing how to efficiently pack a pair of travel pants is a handy skill that keeps packing bulk to a minimum and helps maximise space in your luggage or backpack. An easy technique is to roll them, which will keep them wrinkle free and allow you to stow them in narrow, hard-to-fill spaces or compartments. Simply fold the pants in half vertically, then roll them from the cuff hem to the waistband into a cylindrical shape.

How do I wear men’s travel pants?

For comfortable travel, one of the keys is mobility. You don’t want to feel restricted or have tight clothing that inhibits your movement, even if you’re sitting still on long flights. For this reason, look for styles that have a relaxed fit rather than a slim fit, as well as soft stretch fabric and articulated knees.

What are the best men’s travel pants for long travel?

Lightweight men’s travel pants made of stretch fabric are a great choice for long travel. This will maximise comfort by reducing the bulkiness of your clothing while making it easy to move about in. Even if you’re sitting still on long flights, it is more comfortable to be in breathable, easy-to-wear clothing. If your pants for travel have an anti-odour treatment like Polygiene® or are made of fabric that can stay wrinkle free, then you can also reduce how much washing you will need to do while on long travel stints.



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