They say it’s all about the journey, not the destination. But once you’re there, don’t you want to be able to sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the moment? We offer a select range of furniture to help you do just that, with outdoor chairs, tables and other accessories to bring relaxation, comfort and functionality to your hiking and camping adventures. Designed for easy transport and assembly to maximise down time, choose from our Mountain Designs furniture range to create the ultimate home away from home.

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What outdoor furniture is available at Mountain Designs?

We stock a range of furniture that includes hiking chairs, camping chairs, and tables, each designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to set-up and pack away. So whether you're outdoor entertaining around the camp site, relaxing in a park or at the beach, or resting up at the halfway mark of a day trek, gear up with the range of outdoor furniture at Mountain Designs today.

What outdoor activities is this furniture best used for?

Our hiking chairs and camping chairs are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and helping to keep your load to a minimum. This makes them great for camping, smaller hiking trips, and everyday outdoor living like heading to a park, the beach or a weekend sporting event.

Is outdoor furniture compact and easily packable?

The Mountain Designs outdoor furniture range has been purpose-made to be compact and easily packable. Our outdoor chairs and table use a clever linked-elastic shock cord frame system that assembles quickly and easily, and later can be packed down into a small carry bag. This makes transport and storage to and from the camp site, on the trails, or in the back of the car, super simple.

What is the most comfortable outdoor furniture?

This is a personal choice - some adventurers are happy improvising with their sleeping mat or sleeping bag, while others keep it simple and enjoy whatever grassy or rocky 'seat' nature offers them at the time. But it's hard to argue that the most relaxing and comfortable position is anything but the lightweight, bucket-seat design of a hiking chair or camping chair. Putting your feet up on an outdoor table after a long day on the trails is the icing on the cake.

Is outdoor furniture ultra-lightweight?

The outdoor chairs and table in our range of camp furniture are ultra-lightweight, yet durable and strong, thanks to the anodised aluminium used in their construction. This minimises the overall weight, but ensures an excellent weight-to-strength ratio that supports high capacity loads (up to 120kg for the outdoor chairs, up to 30kg for the table). As with all outdoor gear, the best outdoor furniture will be functional, lightweight and compact.



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