Men's Fleece Pants

Whether visiting high country or an alpine region, a quality pair of fleece pants is a reliable garment to have on your gear list because of its versatility as a layering piece. Offering warmth without weight, snug comfort and wind resistance, fleece pants can be worn alone over some thermals or as a mid-layer when snow, rain or gusty winds are about. Choose from our range of men’s fleece pants in a selection of colours, sizes and knit weights to suit your cold weather needs.

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What are the benefits of wearing fleece pants?

The benefits to wearing a quality pair of men's fleece pants are many. First and foremost, fleece sweatpants offer lightweight warmth and a soft-touch feel against the skin. This makes them warm, comfortable and ideal for day trips in cooler weather. This warmth without the weight also makes them versatile for layering, so you can wear fleece pants over the top of thermals in mild, dry conditions, then layer some rain pants or snow pants over the top as an outer shell when weather conditions dictate. In addition, fleece dries very fast and is durable, giving you long-lasting wear that is easy to maintain on your adventures.

What outdoor activities are men's fleece pants ideal for?

Most cool climate campers and hikers will pack a pair of soft pants made from fleece into their gear because they are incredibly versatile and can be worn comfortably any time of day or night. Whether you are setting up the tent, searching for firewood, or topping up water bottles from a nearby stream, your men's fleece pants are a practical choice for staying warm and comfortable. They are also a great option for casual-style travelling or just relaxing around the home in.

Which men's fleece pants are best for cold weather?

As a general rule with fleece clothing, the thicker or heavier the fleece knit construction, the warmer the garment is. Following this principle then, lightweight, micro fleece pants work well in mild conditions but when the mercury really drops or if you need stronger wind resistance, a heavyweight pair will be much more suitable. This notion further lends itself to the layering system, so for this reason experienced campers and hikers will layer their fleece according to the prevailing conditions in order to maximise their warmth and comfort. For example, in cool, dry weather, lightweight fleece pants can be worn alone over the top of some thermals or underwear. In really cold weather or rain, fleece pants can be layered underneath a protective outer shell, like rain pants or snow pants.

What do men's fleece pants feel like?

Fleece provides warmth without the weight and has a super-soft hand-feel. This snug feel against the skin is what gives fleece pants their high comfort level and makes them so popular for relaxing at home in, easy-going travel or unwinding around the campsite. Fleece also has some stretch in it, so it works with your movements rather than restricting them.

Are fleece pants durable?

Our fleece pants are durable and pill-resistant, offering long-lasting wear you can rely on for many seasons. But they're not designed to be worn as an outer layer on rugged adventures, so if you're trekking through scrub or flying down ski slopes, you can't expect them to be resistant to tears and rips. To get the most out of your men's fleece pants, wear them as a mid-layer on these types of outings, or as an outer layer for casual travel or camping adventures.

Are fleece pants quick-drying?

Fleece is quick drying so it is easy to care for and maintain over the course of your adventures. When it comes to wet weather, your fleece pants will handle a light shower if being worn on their own as an outer layer but if you're going to be in rain for long periods or the downpour itself is heavy, you will need rain pants. Layer your men's fleece pants underneath to maintain your warmth, with a quality pair of rain pants over the top for waterproof protection.



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