Men's Hats & Beanies

Whether you want to seal in the warmth or keep out the sun, Mountain Designs has a high-quality selection of functional and fashionable headwear for you to choose from. Our range includes hats, caps and beanies in a variety of colours and sizes, each designed for different adventures but all intended to deliver reliable protection from the elements. Whatever adventure is calling you, use your head and make sure you're protected from top to bottom.

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What styles of men's hats and beanies are available?

The Mountain Designs range of men's hats and beanies offers something for everyone. From wide-brimmed hats that provide optimum coverage in hot, sunny conditions, to snug beanies that keep your ears and head warm in snow, there is a style designed to deliver purpose-made performance and functionality. We also have a variety of men's caps that are versatile for all types of activities, plus bucket hats and more. So choose your style and colour, pop it on your head, then get adventuring.

What are the best beanies and hats for winter?

When the cold sting of winter is upon you, the last thing you want to do is leave your ears and head exposed. Beanies are the first-choice solution as they provide comfort and warmth that a hat often cannot. They come in all shapes and sizes - fitted, slouchy, skull cap, trooper-style, Sherpa-style, pompom-adorned to name a few - so you'll need to work out just how much cover you need then find your own personal style. The best beanies for men in winter will obviously keep you warm but should also be breathable so your head doesn't get stuffy and sweaty. Merino-based wool beanies are naturally thermal-regulating, highly breathable, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial, making them a fine choice for winter warmth up top. A men's slouchy beanie is also a good option because of its snug feel.

Which beanies and hats could you wear hiking?

Your destination will determine which type of headwear you should wear on a hiking expedition. For cool climates, a beanie is probably the best choice as it will keep your ears and head protected from chilly wind and air. If you're trekking somewhere that is hot and sunny, a breathable hat that offers sun protection is more suitable. A cap is ok especially if it has a neck flap, as is a bucket hat, but a wide-brimmed hat is the most practical as it will cover your face, neck and head from harmful UV rays. Also consider the colour of your headwear - dark colours tend to retain heat, light colours can be more cooling.

Are there thermal beanies and hats available?

There are no 'thermal' hats or beanies in the Mountain Designs range. However, we do stock beanies for men made from Merino wool, which has natural thermal-regulating properties through the Merino wool fibres that trap warm air against the skin, and styles with insulation linings that provide an internal layer of warmth. So while we don't classify our beanies for men as 'thermals', we do guarantee that they will provide the comfort and warmth you need when the cold of winter bites.

Which men's hats are suitable for summer?

During summer, it's essential to use headwear that provides sun coverage for your face, ears and neck, blocks the glare of bright sunshine from your eyes, and allows a cool breeze to reach your skin. Mountain Designs has a variety of men's hats that perform some of these jobs, and some that perform all of them. Look at our wide-brimmed hats for full protection, our men's caps for a more casual look, caps with neck flaps for active adventures and bucket hats for all-round cover.

Which hats offer the best sun protection?

Like any quality outdoor gear, you want your headwear to look smart. But first and foremost, and especially when it comes to sun protection, you want it to do its job. A wide-brimmed hat is the most functional and practical option, providing the most face and neck coverage from harmful UV rays and keeping you cooler over the course of the day. If you can't get your hands on one of these, a bucket hat or one of our men's caps with a flap will also help to minimise your sun exposure. Whichever style you pick from our range of men's hats, you'll be getting the best in reliable sun protection.


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