Men's Fleece Jackets

Repel the chill, retain the warmth and feel the softness with a highly comfortable fleece jacket, the quintessential layering piece for any outdoor explorer. Whether you're gathered with friends at the local park or hiking an icy trail, they provide excellent protection from cold, windy conditions and can be worn alone or as a mid-layer beneath a more rigid and protective outer shell. Choose from our range of fleece jackets and vests in a selection of colours, sizes and knit weights to suit your needs.

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What are the best men's fleece jackets?

A high-quality fleece jacket provides reliable warmth and comfort in cold weather, either as a lightweight outer layer in dry conditions, or as a snug mid-layer beneath a hard-shell outer when rain or snow is falling. Our men's range of fleece jackets offers a wide variety of styles with different knit constructions, weights and warmth levels, as well as full zip and quarter zip options, so whatever type of adventure you embark on, Mountain Designs has you covered.

What are the benefits of wearing fleece outdoors?

Fleece provides excellent warmth without weight, making it a very functional material for layering during cold weather activity when you need protection from chilly conditions but want to minimise the bulkiness of your outfit. It is soft-to-the-touch, offering a more comfortable feel on your skin than some other materials used in outdoor gear. Fleece is also durable and quick-drying, so it is easy-to-maintain over the course of your adventures.

How warm are fleece jackets?

Fleece jackets come in different weights based on their knit construction, with the heaviest-weight fleeces delivering the most warmth. A pile-style fleece jacket offers excellent insulation with an extra-soft feel for greater comfort, and some styles feature an inbuilt membrane for wind protection as well, stopping cool breezes from chilling your skin.

Are fleece jackets good for hiking?

Yes. In cool weather they are great for wearing over thermals as an outer layer, being lightweight and soft on the skin. For hiking in colder seasons and environments, they play a key role in your layering system underneath a more protective or insulated outer shell, such as a rain jacket, snow jacket or down jacket. Depending on the weight and thickness of the fleece knit, a fleece jacket can also be easily stowed away in your backpack if you warm up and don't need as much cover.

Which men's fleece jackets are lightweight?

The knit weight of the fleece jacket determines how heavy, and therefore how warm, it is. Micro fleece knits are generally the most lightweight, with high-pile, Sherpa-style fleece jackets coming in at the heavier end. When choosing your fleece jacket, consider the end use and how much warmth you need, and how much weight you're willing to carry in your outfit. Some fleece styles offer a quarter zip model and a full zip model - if you have both options, then a quarter zip will be lighter than the full zip version.

Which men's fleece jackets are great for snow and cold weather?

If you're heading to the snow or other locations with cold weather, a full set of warm clothing is essential. This means thermals as a first-layer undergarment, some sort of insulated jacket that has waterproof and weather-resistant protection for your outer shell, and something to wear between. This is what makes fleece jackets so great for adventuring in cool climates. They provide the lightweight warmth needed as your mid-layer, with a super-soft hand-feel for all-day comfort. All styles in our range of men's fleece jackets are suitable for a day on the slopes.

What can you layer men's fleece jackets with?

Fleece jackets play a key role in the art of layering. The lightweight warmth they provide makes them ideal as a mid-layer piece under a more protective or insulated outer shell. This could be a hard-shell jacket like a rain jacket, or an insulation jacket, such as a snow jacket or down jacket, depending on how cold and wet the weather conditions may get. They are also a good choice for an outer layer in cool, dry conditions as they sit comfortably over the top of thermals.

Which fleece jackets have hoods?

A hooded fleece jacket gives your head and ears extra protection from chilly air and wind. We offer a variety of styles with hoods, which tend to be more suited to being worn as an outer layer over thermals on hiking, camping or climbing adventures when conditions are cool and windy, but dry.



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