Men's Softshell Pants

The best men’s softshell pants are designed to deliver all-round performance in most weather conditions, environments and terrains. Made from enhanced synthetic fabrics that are lightweight, stretchy, and resistant to wear and tear, they offer freedom of movement, comfort, durability and warmth without the weight. They are able to shed light rain or snow, and will dry quickly so your cold weather adventure can continue even when conditions turn.

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What are men's softshell pants made of?

Our men's softshell pants are made from a fabric blend of hard-wearing nylon and polyester, and stretchy elastane. This mix makes the softshell lightweight and durable, and gives it the 4-way stretch that promotes your range of movement. It is also moisture wicking and quick drying, improving performance in wet weather conditions.

What activities are men's softshell pants suitable for?

Softshell pants are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities. The lightweight feel and 4-way stretch of the softshell fabric enhances mobility and flexibility, making them ideal for hiking, climbing or backcountry skiing where dynamic movement is involved. The general warmth and comfort they provide also suits camping, backpacking, travelling or just everyday pursuits like walking or heading to the park.

Which men's softshell pants are best for hiking?

The softshell pants you wear while hiking need to provide freedom of movement, especially if you are stretching at awkward angles while traversing difficult terrain. They should also be lightweight yet durable, so they don't weigh you down but can withstand the inevitable scrapes and snags on rocks, sticks and trail debris. In addition, the fabric of high quality softshell pants for hiking should be moisture-wicking and quick-drying to help manage perspiration away from your skin when conditions warm up.

What are the warmest men's softshell pants for winter?

Softshell pants deliver reliable comfort and protection from cold weather, making them a practical choice during winter. They are popular for aerobic-based outdoor activities - such as hiking, climbing, and backcountry skiing - because of their lightweight, durable and stretchy qualities, which provide range of movement and warmth without the weight. While they do offer enough warmth to be worn as an outer garment in dry, cool conditions, if you are venturing into extremely cold climates you should layer some hard shell trousers over the top. Mountain Designs has a wide range of rain pants and snow pants that are purpose-made for this type of heavy-duty weather protection.

Are men's softshell pants water-resistant?

Our men's softshell pants have a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish applied to the softshell outer surface. This allows them to withstand the occasional light shower by causing the water to bead and run off. They are also fast drying for quick, easy maintenance. If you expect to encounter heavy downpours of rain or prolonged periods of wet weather, you should layer some technical rain pants over the top of your softshell pants, as these will provide full waterproof protection. Look for waterproof fabrics, inner membranes and seam-sealed construction in these styles.

What is the difference between softshell pants and rain pants?

The main difference between softshell pants and rain pants is the level of waterproofness they provide. Rain pants are waterproof (or highly water-resistant) and designed specifically for protecting the body from rain. They are often manufactured with waterproof fabrics such as GORE-TEX® and use seam sealed construction to ensure water doesn't seep through the stitching points. Pair these with a hooded rain jacket, waterproof boots and some gaiters for all over protection when there is a heavy downpour on your adventures. Softshell pants do offer a basic level of water resistance thanks to the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish applied to the outer surface. This will handle a light shower, but they are primarily designed for cool, dry conditions.



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