Men's Merino Thermals

For superior warmth and comfort from your base layers on cold weather adventures, our men’s Merino thermals are an ideal choice. The Merino wool offers incredible performance properties, being a natural insulator as well as highly breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying. This makes it exceptional for regulating body temperature so you stay warm when it gets cold outside, but also keep your cool when conditions heat up. From alpine hiking and skiing adventures to camping and everyday wear, our men’s Merino thermals deliver every time.

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Where can I find the best men’s Merino thermal tops?

It’s sometimes said that Australia was built on the back of the wool industry, so it makes sense to start here in Australia, the land of the Merino. Merino sheep are famous for producing the world’s best wool and being an Australian brand, our 100% Merino thermals benefit from being constructed with Woolmark® certified, 100% Australian Merino wool. They offer high breathability, moisture-wicking properties and natural thermal regulation to keep you warm and comfortable during cold weather activity. For the best men’s Merino thermal tops and pants, search the high quality Mountain Designs range of Merino thermals.

Which pure Merino thermals are ideal for cold weather?

Merino wool naturally insulates by trapping body heat close to the skin. At the same time, it is extra-fine, has a soft hand-feel and is breathable. These properties make it ideal for thermal underwear, socks and other clothing accessories worn directly on the skin’s surface. For any cold weather activity – from hiking and camping to trail running and mountain biking – Merino wool thermals will keep you warm and comfortable.

Which pure Merino wool thermals are best for wet weather?

Thermals are designed to be worn as next-to-skin base layers in your layering system. Depending on the weather, you can then wear a fleece top or down jacket as a mid-layer beneath a rain jacket, snow jacket or softshell jacket in cold, rainy conditions. While our Merino thermals are moisture-wicking and quick-drying, they are not water-resistant or treated with any water repellent finishes, meaning they should not be directly exposed to rainfall. So our Merino thermals are great for wet weather – when you have a purpose-made rain jacket over the top.

Are pure Merino thermals suitable for camping?

Don’t let the comfort and relaxation of your camping adventure come undone by a lack of wardrobe planning. Pure Merino thermals are one of the first items to pack for a camping trip, as they provide exceptional base layer protection, warmth and comfort should temperatures unexpectedly start dropping. They are also a great line of defence against mosquitoes, flies and other creepy crawlies of the Australian bush. Their next-to-skin fit minimises surface access to your skin, and the full length profile of the Merino long sleeve crew top, Merino long sleeve zip collar top and Merino leggings offer maximum coverage.

Are Mountain Designs thermals made of 100% Merino wool?

Mountain Designs thermals comes in three fabrics – entry-level Polypro, a high-performance Merino Blend, and premium 100% Merino wool. Our 100% Merino wool thermals are the superior choice for serious adventurers and outdoors people, made from Woolmark® certified, 100% Australian Merino wool which guarantees their high quality. They regulate your body temperature, keeping you feeling warm in cold conditions, and are highly breathable. They are also moisture-wicking, quick-drying and naturally odour-resistant, making them perfect for base layers or thermal underwear.

What are the benefits of long-sleeve Merino thermals?

Merino wool fibres have a natural crimp that traps body heat close to the skin. This is what gives your Merino thermals the ability to regulate body temperature in cold weather. They are also moisture-wicking and quick-drying, helping to draw perspiration away from your skin for evaporation so you don’t feel damp or stuffy during activity. Worn next-to-skin to seal in warmth and effectively manage moisture, a pair of Merino pants and a Merino long sleeve top will deliver maximum performance when it comes to warmth, breathability and comfort.



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