Men's Merino Thermals

Merino wool is exceptionally warm and incredibly soft. It is also lightweight and great for thermal layer clothing that traps body heat and keeps a person feeling snug for longer. The amazing warming capability of Merino wool is matched by its breathability, allowing you to stay warm during chilly weather and cool down when conditions heat up. Merino thermals at Mountain Designs regulate your body temperature so you can always remain comfortable, even when packing fewer clothes or embarking on extended journeys.

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Where can I find the best men's Merino thermal tops?

It makes sense to start in Australia, the land of the Merino. It's sometimes said that Australia was built on the back of the wool industry, and Merino sheep are famous for producing the world's best wool. The best men's Merino thermal tops at Mountain Designs have super-soft fibres courtesy of advanced spinning and finishing techniques. The natural Merino wool fibre crimp creates breathable protection against the elements without clinging to your skin, and the warmth for weight advantage can't be beaten.

Which pure Merino thermals are ideal for cold weather?

Thermal base layer clothing for cold weather should provide a closed seal between your body and the elements. Merino wool is extra-fine and soft against skin, making it ideal for thermal underwear, socks, gloves and other clothing accessories. If you want to upgrade your cold weather wardrobe its worth considering:

  • Long Sleeve Crew Top
  • Long Sleeve Zip Collar Top
  • Merino Leggings and/or
  • Merino Underwear

Cold weather thermals made from Merino wool won't weigh you down. Mountain Designs Merino thermals can be worn while trail running, mountain biking or working in the snowfields without impeding movement, and can be comfortably coupled with other Merino garments for additional warmth.

Which pure Merino thermals are best for wet weather?

Wool has amazing moisture-wicking properties that aren't found in other natural or man-made fibres, and this is further enhanced in Merino wool. Wool is both water repellent and water absorbent, and it can keep you warm or keep you cool. The crimpled structure of Merino wool gives it additional elasticity, allowing it to bounce back into shape even after getting wet.

Dressing for bitingly cold and wet weather entails wearing a base layer, mid layer and outer layer of clothing. The usefulness, comfort and wearability of the garments will be determined by the fabrics you choose. For moisture management, it's important to keep clingy fabrics away from the skin, and you will require insulating garments to avoid that clammy, wet feeling during rainy weather. Merino wool is incredibly versatile and can be worn as a Merino wool base layer with the addition of mid and outer layer crew tops, leggings, jumpers, scarves and more.

Are pure Merino thermals suitable for camping?

Pure Merino thermals are one of the first items to purchase for a camping trip, as they provide exceptional base layer protection and comfort, and are a great line of defence against mosquitoes, flies and other creepy crawlies of the Australian bush. The wool fibre itself is comfortable, flexible, simple, warm and versatile. Mountain Designs offers pure Merino thermals at the right price, and if you appreciate camping in style and comfort all year round its worth checking out the full Merino range.

Are Mountain Designs thermals made of 100% Merino Wool?

Mountain Designs thermals comes in three fabrics - entry-level Polypro, a high-performance Merino Blend, and premium 100% Merino wool. We have a team of hand-picked product specialists who have carefully selected 100% Merino wool as the wool of choice for serious adventurers and outdoors people. We understand the focus on health and safety while in the great outdoors, so we have created our Merino wool thermals and other gear to be your first and last line of defence against the cold.

Mountain Designs thermals are popular and in high demand, and Merino products are acclaimed worldwide. We establish partnerships with highly regarded industries and manufacturers so we can create the very best products at the right price, with savings passed onto the customer. Mountain Designs are specialists in quality products at affordable prices, and our reputation is growing.

What are the benefits of long-sleeve merino thermals?

Merino thermal elasticity allows the garment to seal close to the skin. A long-sleeve Merino thermal hugs comfortably around the wrists, waist and neck. The material is odour-resistant, soft, light and breathable, yet hard-wearing and will last for years. Outdoor clothing and Merino thermals from Mountain Designs are a camper's best friend, and there is no disguising the satisfaction of feeling comfortable and warm on a cold winter's day.


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