Men's Rain Pants

The endeavour to stay dry during wet weather presents a constant challenge for hikers and outdoor fitness enthusiasts. Fortunately, times have changed since one-size-fits-all rain gear was your only option and today’s generation of explorers and adventurers have an entire wardrobe of wet weather clothing options to choose from. With Mountain Designs clothing, including our range of men’s rain pants, there are countless ways to enjoy the outdoors, no matter what’s happening overhead.

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What are the best men’s rain pants?

This depends on the places you go and things you do while wearing them but the best men’s rain pants will generally have some or all of the following features and benefits:

Lightweight – Regular jeans or cargo pants will weigh you down and slow the entire journey if they get wet, becoming a burden to carry for the rest of the trip. Rain pants are designed to slip over the top without adding much weight. This is even more effective if you’re wearing lightweight hiking pants or shorts to start with.

Weather-resistant – First and foremost, your rain pants should be waterproof. But if you are heading on a winter getaway, Mountain Designs rain pants are also effective as an extra barrier against the chill. It’s also worth exploring our range of Merino products for additional base layer and mid-layer protection against cold weather.

Ease of Movement – If you head out on the trails, whether trekking, mountain biking or trail running, you don’t want to be slowed down by poor fitting wet weather gear. Rain pants may be a simple waterproof barrier or a complex construct with multiple waterproof layers made from breathable material, but either way you want to move freely. Our rain pants allow you to stretch and bend as you traverse all kinds of terrain.

Visibility – Your safety and well-being should be a priority on your adventures and it’s guaranteed there will be occasions when high visibility is essential. Rain pants and jackets that feature reflective prints or bright colourways will enhance your well-being in gloomy conditions, be it hiking, camping or working.

Are men’s rain pants appropriate for cold weather?

Some rain pants are specially manufactured to combat cold weather. They are made using technical materials such as GORE-TEX® to keep rain and chilly air out but also let you breathe. If  rain pants are fully waterproof, then more often than not they will be wind resistant too.

Which men’s rain pants are waterproof?

Mountain Designs rain pants are purpose-made to deliver reliable wet weather protection. They use waterproof fabrics to essentially create an outer shell barrier, as well as seam-sealed construction to prevent water from seeping through the stitching.  Quality rain pants will also be breathable, meaning you can keep the tempo up even when conditions are humid.  Adjustable waist and leg hems further help to keep wet weather out. Some highly technical rain pants used by elite athletes use weather mapping technology to divert water flow away from critical seams for enhanced protection.

Can you wear rain pants hiking?

There is nothing better than having nature all to yourself, unless a storm blows in and you get drenched to the bone. Hiking rain pants will allow you to keep the trek going when it rains, thanks to features that include:

  • Hard-wearing fabrics like ripstop nylon for durability;
  • Water resistance through a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish;
  • Elasticated waistbands with internal draw cord for a comfortable fit;
  • Articulated knees for optimum flexibility and mobility;
  • Handwarmer side pockets with breathable mesh lining and storm flaps; and
  • Water-repellent side zips and snap tab closures.

Which rain pants are lightweight?

Quality rain pants are usually lightweight, unless specifically designed to be ultra hard-wearing (as required by some emergency services and military personnel). Mountain Designs rain pants for hiking, camping or mountain biking are lightweight so whether you are wearing them or carrying them in your pack, you won’t be weighed down. They are also durable and long-lasting, so there is no excuse for letting a little bad weather ruin your next camping or hiking adventure.

Are men’s rain pants breathable?

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, especially in warmer climates, will appreciate breathable waterproof pants. Shielding yourself in old-fashioned plastic may be an impromptu way to stay dry, but when the perspiration begins you’ll regret not wearing purpose-made rainwear. Breathable rain pants with elastic or full zip sealing are the answer, and at Mountain Designs you have a selection of quality rain pants and other weather-resistant clothing options to choose from.



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