Hydration Packs & Reservoirs

Stay hydrated when the action heats up with the quality range of hydration packs and reservoirs at Mountain Designs. We have lightweight yet hard-wearing designs in a variety of sizes to cater to your thirst, whether you’re on gravel, pavement or trail. Don’t let dehydration slow you down on your adventures – shop the Mountain Designs range of hydration packs and reservoirs now.

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What activities are hydration packs useful for?

Hydration packs are specifically designed to allow you to keep your fluids up while on the move and when you can't always easily grab a water bottle. Generally you would use one when trail running, adventure racing, mountain biking or climbing, all activities where you're exerting yourself and need to stay hydrated, or you can't free your hands up readily. If you're on a short day hike and you're keeping your load to a real minimum, a hydration pack can also be an option.

What are the benefits of using a hydration pack?

Hydration packs allow you to stay hydrated while on the move. If you're busy using your hands or don't have time to stop and access a water bottle hanging from a carabiner or pouched in a pocket, you can simply sip from the straw at any time you want. This is handy if you're trail running, mountain biking or adventure racing and time is of the essence.

How much water do hydration packs and reservoirs hold?

Different hydration packs and reservoirs will hold different amounts of cold water. Typically, hydration reservoirs (sometimes also called a bladder) will hold between 1L and 4L, with designs going up in half litre capacities. Some of the best hydration packs also incorporate some storage space for packable layers, spare socks, food, wallets and mobile devices, tools or other personal items. As such, their overall size can actually be listed anywhere up to approximately 20L.

How do you drink from a hydration pack?

Most hydration packs are designed with a straw or sipping tube that is connected internally to the hydration reservoir, and attached externally to some clips on the outer or shoulder strap. The straw then sits just off the shoulder, allowing you to drink your cold water hands-free at any time. It is a simply system but highly effective for accessing your drink regularly without having to stop moving.

How do you clean the reservoir?

The best way to keep hydration reservoirs or bladders in good operating order is to clean them regularly. Use warm water and soap, then dry it thoroughly afterwards, especially if you have filled it with a liquid other than cold water. This will prevent mould from forming and will also help to extend the life of your reservoir. Camelbak produce Cleaning Tabs and a Cleaning Kit that are handy accessories for maintaining hygiene.

Do hydration packs help keep water cold?

Hydration packs are designed with an internal bladder or reservoir sleeve to house the water vessel itself. This means that the water is out of direct sunlight, unlike a water bottle hung from a carabiner on a daisy chain or hanging loop, and should remain reasonably cold while you're outdoors.


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