Men's Merino Jackets

Take advantage of the natural performance benefits of Merino wool with our range of Mountain Designs Merino jackets. The Merino wool fibres are highly effective at regulating body temperature by trapping heat, but are also breathable, moisture-wicking and odour-resistant, giving you a warm outer layer that is comfortable and works for you while you're on the go.

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What are the best Men's Merino wool jackets?

A Merino wool jacket is a comfortable, naturally-insulating men's clothing piece with a more modern, casual style to it. Typically, it will have less of the technical design elements found in a rain jacket, snow jacket or softshell jacket, allowing you more styling options for casual outdoor activities and settings. The Merino wool offers thermal regulation, high breathability, moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, and odour-resistance, so you're still getting a high-quality performance fabric that will enhance your outdoor experience. It's also worth noting that our Merino wool jackets use 100%, home-grown Australian Merino wool, which is of the highest quality standards, so the fabrication performance really is exceptional.

What are the key benefits of Merino wool?

Merino wool delivers exceptional warmth through its natural fibres that trap body heat, as well as excellent moisture management by wicking perspiration away from your skin and drying quickly when damp. It is highly breathable, and also resists odour and bacteria, keeping you fresher while travelling or during days out on the trails. We use Australian Merino wool in our jackets, which is world-class in quality within the global wool industry.

Why should you choose a Men's Merino wool jacket?

A Merino wool jacket is a great choice for layering. It can be worn as a standalone outer layer over thermals or a t-shirt, providing thermal regulation and high breathability thanks to the natural wool fibres. Alternatively you can wear it as a mid-layer with a heavier outer shell that provides weather protection, like a snow jacket, rain jacket or down jacket. A Merino wool jacket may also have a more casual look to it, making it perfect for travelling, social gatherings with family and friends, or just getting around town when you need some warmth. You still get the benefits of Merino wool but with a more urban, modern aesthetic style to your jacket.

How warm are Merino jackets?

Merino wool is an excellent thermal regulator, trapping body heat close to your skin so you stay warm when the outside air cools down around you. Our Merino wool jackets take advantage of this natural fabric property to deliver you long-lasting and reliable warmth as soon as you zip one up. For even further protection from the cold, layer a Merino wool jacket with a robust outer shell, such as a rain jacket, snow jacket or down jacket.

Are Merino jackets good for hiking?

Wool clothing offers outstanding insulation and breathability properties, so a wool jacket is a very suitable option for hiking adventures in cooler climates. The Merino wool doesn't offer a lot of wet-weather protection however, so make sure you have a rain jacket to keep you protected if there's a downpour. The Merino wool also resists odour and bacteria so you can wear it for long periods of activity between washes.

Are Men's Merino jackets easy to maintain?

Like any high-performance fabric, if you look after your Merino wool clothing it will keep doing its job for you season after season. The Merino wool in your jacket is highly breathable and resists odour and bacterial build-up, meaning you can wear it more often and for longer, without having to wash it as much. When you do wash it, make sure you follow the instructions on the care label to ensure you bring it back to its original state. Men's clothing should be easy to maintain and your Merino wool jacket is no different.

Which Men's Merino jackets are best for snow and cold weather?

Our Merino wool jackets offer great warmth thanks to the natural wool fibres that thermally regulate body temperature. But the harsh demands of ice, snow and wind chill in alpine environments require a more protective outer shell, so a snow jacket with greater technical design construction should be worn over the top of your Merino jacket for ultimate comfort.

Can you use Merino jackets as a base layer?

Thermals are still the best choice for warmth when it comes to base layers so stick to these as your first layer undergarment. However, a Merino wool jacket would serve you very well over the top as an outer layer in mild, cool conditions, or as a mid-layer piece beneath a heavier outer shell (a rain jacket, snow jacket or down jacket depending on your activity and the weather protection you require) when the chill is really in the air.



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