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If you’re looking to buy men’s shorts for your next adventure, Mountain Designs has you covered. Our range is designed to give you comfort, protection and functional performance, whether you’re hiking, camping, climbing or just heading to the local park. Gear up today at Mountain Designs to conquer the outdoors.

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What are the best men’s shorts for outdoors?

The best casual shorts for men adventuring outdoors combine comfort with protection and functionality. Some benefits and features to consider include:

Breathability – If damp clothing rubs against your skin, it can cause chaffing. The best men’s shorts are moisture wicking, which helps remove water or perspiration from the skin and off the fabric surface. This is especially important for men’s summer shorts, when you’re likely to experience warmer temperatures and may sweat more.

Quick Drying – Quick drying shorts will be more comfortable if you’ve been exposed to wet weather or spills, as they will obviously dry quicker. A Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish will also help by blocking water, blood or food/drink spills from penetrating the outer fabric.

Lightweight – With adventure gear, the less weight you carry, the easier your journey. Same applies for shorts.

Durability – Shorts for the outdoors should be made with hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant material so they can withstand the contact with rocks, underbrush and twigs they will inevitably have.

Functional Design Components – The best shorts for men will have pockets, adjustable waist bands and belts for functional comfort. Men’s cargo shorts are a great choice for outdoor adventure.

What men’s shorts are in style?

Men’s shorts come in a variety of styles, such as male dress shorts, chino shorts, men’s denim shorts, men’s cotton shorts, and men’s shorts for gym. When it comes to outdoor adventure though, arguably the most popular style is men’s cargo shorts. These are often made from durable fabric to handle rugged outdoor conditions, and have multiple pockets for functional on-person storage. Ideally, they are also lightweight, breathable and quick drying, to ensure comfort in both warm and wet conditions.

Is it better to hike in pants or shorts?

This is a personal choice that will be determined by your required levels of comfort and protection, and these are based on the weather conditions you are exposed to, the settings and environment you are trekking in, and the intensity of your activity. For example, you may prefer shorts in warmer climates or on easy, well-maintained tracks. Conversely, in cooler temperatures or in areas where you may encounter rough scrub or bushland, protection for your legs may be more necessary and you might opt for pants.  

Can men wear running shorts for hiking?

Ultimately, the answer is yes, you can often get away with wearing men’s shorts for gym or running while on the trails. They are usually lightweight, moisture-wicking and quick drying – just how you would want your hiking shorts to be. But your decision will come down to how much you value durability, functionality and protection. Hiking shorts are typically designed with more durable fabrics to withstand abrasions and scrapes, and are usually a longer length than gym shorts. This offers more reliable protection and long-lasting wear. Many styles of hiking shorts will also have more pockets for you to stow away quick-grab items like wallets, phones, multi-tools and other accessories. Men’s cargo shorts are a good example of this.

How long should men’s shorts be?

This is a personal preference but let’s be honest, there aren’t too many styles of casual shorts for men that should go much higher than mid-thigh. When you’re buying shorts for the outdoors, or even men’s denim shorts, chino shorts, male dress shorts, or men’s shorts for gym, aim for a style that has a length between knee and mid-thigh. This will offer the best combination of comfort, protection, functionality and of course, style.

How to fold men’s shorts for packing?

When you’re packing shorts, opt for one of these two techniques:

Fold – Fold the shorts in half vertically. All done. This method is neat and tidy, and doesn’t result in bulking up the material too much.

Roll – Fold the pants in half vertically, then roll them from the leg opening to the waistband. This will minimise folding creases, and is good for stowing in narrow, hard-to-fill spaces or compartments.

What are men’s hybrid shorts?

Hybrid shortsare typically made from a stretch fabric, which is both moisture wicking and quick-drying. They look similar to basic casual shorts for men, but perform more like bathing suits and board 



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