Spend less time worrying about your stuff and more time adventuring - keep your gear safe with the range of Mountain Designs storage options. Conveniently compact & organise your things with our collection of packing cells, toiletry bags, and more.

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What types of storage bags are available at Mountain Designs?

Mountain Designs storage bags are designed to help you better organise your gear within your backpack or travel bags. We have packing cells in a variety of different sizes, and toiletry bags more specifically designed for your bathroom items.

What are the benefits of using storage bags?

Storage bags allow you to organise your gear by separating out specific items. This improved organisation system means you know exactly where certain items are inside your pack or bag, so when you have to find something quickly, you can. This means more time getting out and about in the great outdoors, and less time rummaging around in your bag looking for gear.

Which storage bags are useful for travellers?

Any type of storage bag that helps you organise your gear when you are travelling is going to be useful, but there are some designs that are better suited to specific uses than others. Packing cells (sometimes called a packing cube) are simple in design but can be used to fit certain spaces within your pack or bag. As a smaller unit within your bigger storage, they can be a hold-all for a particular item or set of items, like underwear, thermals, socks or even accessories. Toiletry bags are always handy for storing and protecting your hygiene and personal grooming products. Our style is designed with a special zippered drip-proof pocket to house potential spill hazards, so you can pack with confidence knowing that you won't be opening your travel bag at your destination to gear covered in toothpaste, moisturiser or shaving cream. Hanging hooks, hanging cords, mirrors and zippered compartments are also valuable features on our design.

How can you best use packing cells to save space?

A packing cell is most effective when it's used to separate a set of 'like' items such as socks, underwear or thermals. When you're packing or unpacking, or simply searching for that particular item because you need a quick change for hygiene but you're on the move, you know exactly where to go instantly. A packing cell can also be very useful for separating clothes when they're dirty, so you don't have them mixed in with your clean gear.

What sizes of storage bags can you choose from?

At Mountain Designs, we offer packing cells in two sizes. Our medium packing cell holds approximately 4L while our large packing cell has a capacity of approximately 9L. Using a combination of these different-sized packing cells allows you to store various items and pack them into the different spaces and cavities within your pack or travel bags. Our toiletry bags are smaller in capacity and hold approximately 1.8L.



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