Travelling Around Australia Part 2: Handy Tips

Travelling Around Australia Part 2: Handy Tips

Not sure what to expect while you're travelling Australia? Who better to ask than other people who have done the trip themselves? We've done the ground work for you, gathering some important tips and tricks from some of our favourite Australian travel bloggers.


Pack Basic Tools

If you're driving along the Australian roads, chances are you will come across some dirt roads or even just debris on the road. Dean from The Road To Anywhere keeps the tools required to change a tyre in his car at all time in case he accidentally punctures a tyre during his Australia road trips.

Take Breaks

Take regular breaks during your journey to avoid feeling tired and drowsy behind the wheel. When you're travelling Australia you will continuously come across long stretches of road, which is especially common in regional areas, you can feel exhausted and loose concentration much faster than you would expect, so make sure you have regular breaks and avoid driving for long periods of time.

Pack Some Backup Fuel

Dean recommends keeping a full Jerry Can in your vehicle at all times. The distances between regional towns and fuel stations can vary and you could potentially require emergency fuel. Don't forget to top it up after each use too!

Travelling Around Australia Part 2: Handy Tips


Take Spare Water

Follow Dean's lead and carry some bottles of water with you at all times. You'll be thankful should you get stranded or just need access to clean drinking water.

Camp in a Van

If you don't want to camp, but still want an affordable alternative to accommodation when travelling around Australia, consider following in the footsteps of Jonny and Jess from Rebel on a Rainbow and grab yourself a van to hit the road with.

Check the Weather

Don't be caught off-guard in the rain or worse while you are camping. Check the radar and plan your camping trip according to the forecast so you are prepared for the weather conditions you will likely face. Nothing is worse than camping in the rain when you aren't prepared for wet conditions!

Travelling Around Australia Part 2: Handy Tips



Do some research before you visit a destination to narrow down the top sightseeing places that are a must for travellers. This will help you in creating a more planned out itinerary during your visits. Don't forget to add destinations from our ultimate Travelling Around Australia blog post.

Meet the Locals

Dave and Juz from Our Naked Australia always make a stop at the local pub because they are the perfect place to get hearty food after a long day of driving as well as meet new people who are locals to the area. Visit the local pub as often as possible, you'll find a different experience inside each one, as well as a friendly crowd of locals and travellers alike.

Job Hop

Follow in the footsteps of the duo behind Norris Around Australia and look for temporary jobs that will help to pay your way around Australia. This is a great chance to earn some cash during your travels as well as meet a lot of new people. Some temporary jobs could include feeding animals, picking fruit, delivery driving or even bar work.

It's Not All About the Money

Don't forget that money isn't the only currency. While you are on the road, you can often swap your time for accommodation and more. Keep a look out for opportunities to stay at a local homestay in exchange for helping out around the property, or perhaps a gorgeous bed and breakfast is looking for help in exchange for a room.

These are just some tips to keep in mind when travelling around Australia, and of course, they are only a guide. Before you depart, don't forget to research the areas you plan to travel through, and equip yourself with everything you will need and more.




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