Women's Snow Pants

Extreme temperatures and the tougher demands of snow-based activities require technical garments with uncompromising quality, function and protection. Our women's snow pants are purpose-made to deliver this necessary high performance, whether you're trekking in alpine back country or carving up the slopes on your snowboard.

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What are the best snow pants for women?

The best snow pants for women should be warm and comfortable, and stand up to the demanding conditions of your snow adventures. Some essential features to look for in your women's snow pants include:

Insulation - Maximising warmth is your first priority in the snow. High quality snow pants have some form of insulation - usually synthetic fill - to keep you warm when the outside temperature is not.

Waterproof Protection - The best snow pants use waterproof fabrics, like those manufactured by GORE-TEX, to prevent water from penetrating through the outer shell. They may also incorporate snow cuffs into the design to keep slushy snow off your ankles and away from your lower legs.

Seam Sealed Construction - Internally taping the seams ensures snow, ice, water and wind cannot pass through the stitching, further enhancing your waterproof pants.

Breathability - When you perspire, the air inside your snow pants will heat up and become more humid than the air on the outside. Breathable fabric is vital because it allows this hot air to be removed, keeping you more dry, warm and comfortable. Also, when you're skiing or snowboarding and working up a sweat, opt for styles with zip venting so you can increase air flow.

Functional Design Elements - These can include adjustable leg hems to fit around your boots and trap body heat, and convenient extras like ski pass pockets and hanging clips for goggles.

What are the advantages of wearing snow pants?

Snow combines cold temperatures with wetness, making it a difficult terrain to consistently stay warm and comfortable in. We make women's snow pants with waterproof and windproof fabrics, high quality insulation, and seam sealed construction to keep the elements outside where they belong. We also engineer functional elements into our designs, including articulated knees, chevron panelling and adjustable leg hems, to enhance movement, flexibility and personal fit. As a result, the advantage of wearing Mountain Designs snow pants is the robust and reliable weather protection they provide, as well as the functional, fit-for-purpose wear you get for days spent out on the ski fields.

Are women's snow pants suitable for rain and wet weather?

Our women's snow pants are constructed from waterproof fabrics to prevent water from penetrating through to your base layers. They also have a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish applied to the outer surface of the shell, and are fully seam sealed. Together, these components create waterproof pants that safeguard you from wet ice and snow. They are also lightweight and fast drying so you can wear them for other adventures in rainy, wet weather conditions if you want (hiking or camping, for example) but they are primarily designed - and therefore most suitable - for skiing, snowboarding and other alpine country activities.

What are the warmest women's snow pants?

Winter clothing should perform many functions, but keeping you warm and comfortable tops the list. The same goes for your women's snow pants, which should protect you from the icy bite of freezing temperatures and snow. Mountain Designs snow pants combine high quality synthetic fill with waterproof fabric and fully seam sealed construction to give you insulation from the cold and waterproof protection you can trust in even the most extreme alpine conditions.

Can women's snow pants be worn skiing and snowboarding?

Our women's snow pants have been technically-engineered to handle the dynamic movements and demanding alpine conditions experienced when skiing and snowboarding. They use synthetic fill insulation, waterproof yet breathable fabric shells, and seam sealed construction to deliver warmth, comfort and protection while you're out in the snow. Articulated knees and tailored panelling enhance range of movement, and you can also adjust the leg hems to fit your boots. And for convenience, keep your goggles safely stored when not in use with the D-ring hanging clip. So whether you're chasing ski pants or snowboard pants for your next action-packed winter adventure, check out the range of Mountain Designs women's snow pants and take to the slopes with high quality, functional gear designed to enhance performance.

Are women's snow pants multi-layered?

Women's snow pants provide durable weather protection you can rely on through a multi-layered design that includes:

Inner layer - A brushed tricot lining for warmth and a soft-touch feel directly against your skin.

Insulation Fill - High quality synthetic fill for insulation that helps to trap body heat within the garment.

Outer layer - A heavy duty, highly durable hard outer shell that is waterproof yet highly breathable.



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