Day Packs

For short trips, day walks, getting around town, bike-riding or to-and-from school, day packs are the most convenient, comfortable option for carrying your gear. Our range covers your every need, with various styles in different colours and sizes to match your activity. We engineer quality and functionality into all of our designs so once you’ve strapped on your day pack, getting from A to B is as simple as that.

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What outdoor activities are day packs best for?

The day packs in our range are designed for everyday activities where the environmental and weather conditions are not overly demanding, and the need for transporting large amounts of gear is minimal. This includes activities like walking, light trail hikes and commuting, where you need some storage to carry personal items like a jacket, water bottle or a lap top but you aren't going to be away from your base camp or home for much more than a day.

How big are day packs at Mountain Designs?

Mountain Designs day packs are measured by their load capacity or volume, and this is listed as a volumetric measurement in litres. They range from 20L to 40L. A day pack is designed for everyday outdoor activities where conditions are less demanding and the activity itself is on the moderate to low end of the intensity scale. Less gear is required on these adventures, so accordingly, day packs tend to be smaller in capacity than technical hiking packs, travel packs or duffle bags. We stock a large variety of different-sized day packs so whatever your stature and whatever your adventure, there is a day pack to suit.

Are there waterproof day packs available?

Each style in our range of day packs has been designed with water resistant capabilities. The main protection comes from a waterproof coating or laminate that is applied to the inside surface of the outer fabric and base material to stop water from seeping through to your gear. This is then reinforced on the outside, where a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish prevents the outer fabric from becoming saturated by causing water to bead up and roll off. For total coverage, some of our day packs come with a waterproof rain cover that can be pulled over the bag in a downpour.

Are day packs lightweight?

Day packs aren't designed to carry huge volumes of gear because their end-use - day walks, light hikes and commuting for example - doesn't require it. So while we have designed them to handle the wear and tear of these activities, and sized them to match, less focus was placed on boosting the durability or capacity. This meant that we could concentrate on building the lightweight element into each design, so you can safely stow your gear for the day but carry it comfortably, with ease of movement and without feeling weighed down.

What is the difference between a day pack and a backpack?

The word 'backpack' is an all-encompassing term used to describe any pack you can carry on your back. A day pack is a type of backpack, designed mainly for everyday outdoor activities. Day packs tend to be smaller in capacity than other backpacks such as hiking packs or travel packs, as the activities they're designed for don't require large gear loads. They are also lightweight as they typically have less design features than technical packs.

Do all day packs have frames?

Some do, some don't. Hiking day packs will usually have some sort of frame to provide better comfort, stability and weight management while you move. It does this by assisting to maintain your body posture, in turn allowing your movements to be natural and free in spite of the load on your back. Commuting day packs may also have them, especially those designed for wearing while riding a bike. In addition, a frame will help to retain the pack's shape when you load it up with gear.



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