Women's Rain Pants

One of the constant challenges faced during outdoor adventures is contending with bad weather. We design and test all of our garments to be up to the task, and our rain pants are no different. Our rain pants for women feature technical fabrics and constructions to waterproof them and improve their performance, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable when a deluge of rain crosses your path.

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What are the best women's rain pants?

The best women's rain pants have certain technical elements constructed into their design, including:

Waterproof Fabric - This is pretty obvious. Rain pants aren't doing their job if they are not waterproof pants, so we use innovative fabrics to create a shield or barrier that prevents water from penetrating through. Technology brands such as GORE-TEX® specialise in the manufacture of these types of materials.

Breathable Fabric - Your rainproof pants should stop water from soaking through to your base layers, but they should also be breathable, otherwise you're going to perspire and end up wet on the inside anyway. High quality, breathable, waterproof pants will transfer hot air and sweat from the inside to the outside, keeping you cool and comfortable in humid conditions.

Seam-Sealed Construction - For completely waterproof pants, the seams should be sealed internally with tape so water cannot pass through the stitching. This also helps with wind resistance, making your rain pants great for cold weather also.

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Finish - This is a treatment that gets applied to the outer fabric of the garment, reducing the ability of water to saturate the material by causing it to bead and run off.

Which women's rain pants are appropriate for cold weather?

Our rain pants are purpose-made with the best fabric technologies and design techniques to repel wet weather. By using waterproof materials and seam-sealed construction, we give you the ultimate confidence in our rain pants for women that your legs will stay dry and comfortable no matter how wild the conditions get. This waterproof protection will also repel chilly breezes so cold weather won't ruin you day either. If you're heading to the snow, swap your rain pants for technical snow pants with appropriate insulation to keep you warm.

Which women's rain pants are 100% waterproof?

Our rain pants have been purpose-made to withstand downpours of rain. We use waterproof fabrics, seam-sealed constructions and Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finishes to deliver high-rating waterproofness you can rely on every time. The best rain pants adopt fully waterproof fabric like GORE-TEX®, which guarantees waterproof protection for the lifetime of the garment.

Can you wear women's rain pants hiking?

We design hiking pants specifically to make trail life easier, with lightweight, breathable fabrics that have enhanced durability to survive scrapes and bumps. They also provide a basic level of water resistance. Our rain pants are also lightweight and breathable though, so if a storm blows in you can simply pull them over your technical hiking pants for full waterproof protection.

Which women's rain pants are lightweight?

All of the styles in our women's rain pants range are designed to give you dependable waterproof performance and wind resistance so you can keep adventuring even when bad weather appears. But we also ensure comfortable wear by using lightweight, breathable fabrics that won't weigh you down or cling to your skin. This balance between weather protection and comfort makes our rain pants high quality, fit-for-purpose and ready for your next wet adventure.

Are women's rain pants breathable?

The breathability of a garment is the ability of its fabric to transfer hot air and sweat from inside to the outside. This is an essential feature of high-quality rain pants, because while you want them to keep rain on the outside, you also want to stay dry on the inside when you start to perspire. The Mountain Designs range of rain pants for women uses technical fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, and - most importantly - waterproof.

Are women's rain pants made of durable materials?

Women's rain pants need to provide reliable weather protection but you also want them to last more than one wet season. Add in the fact that you'll be wearing them while you hike, camp and travel, and the need for them to be hard-wearing in construction becomes apparent. At Mountain Designs, our rainproof pants are constructed with lightweight, breathable fabrics that deliver a waterproof shield, but are also highly durable and robust. The result - long-lasting high performance for all your rainy-day adventures.



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