Ideal Shelter For Off-Track Overnighters

by Jack Schmidt

Ideal Shelter For Off-Track Overnighters

Hiking in the dense and scrubby backcountry of North Queensland's tropics makes for quite the outdoor adventure, as photographer and keen hiker Jack Schmidt can attest. His recent trip was a multi-day which meant he needed gear that was reliable and did its job. For shelter, Jack took our highly popular Geo 2-Person Tent and found it to be ideal for an off-track overnighter. Read his full review here.

Geo 2-Person Tent

Overnight hiking in off-track areas requires more gear than the average day hike. Choosing appropriate gear is key to making these types of hikes flow as smoothly as possible. On a recent multi-day through the tropical regions of north Queensland, I needed equipment that offered comfort, was lightweight but durable, and ultimately performed. My tent of choice was the Geo 2-Person Tent by Mountain Designs. It has five key features that are essential for me when embarking on a trip like this: it is compact, lightweight, free-standing, durable and simple to set up.

Field Test

Tropical North Queensland is home to some of the most spectacular scenery. The potential for the true adventure enthusiast is limitless as the true wonders of the region can be found far off the beaten track. The mountain I climbed on this trip is a perfect example of the beauty you can experience in the region if you're willing to put in the hard work to get there. With no formed tracks or signage, it's a pretty tough hike. Although that's not even the hardest part! Hiking through dense, shrubby vegetation while dealing with the heat is arguably the hardest part on the mind and body, but the views are totally worth it. In my opinion, this mountain has some of the most unique views in the country. Spectacular scenes of mountain ranges framing intricate mangrove-lined creeks create such a majestic frame for photography. The most stunning time of day to view it is sunrise or sunset. To experience and photograph these views in that magical golden hour, an overnight hike is a must. And that means you need a good tent. I found that with the Geo, which is ideal for an off-track hike in the mountains.

Geo 2-Person Tent pitched up on a off-track hike

How's this for sleeping under the stars? (Image courtesy of Jack Schmidt)

Setting it up is a breeze and only takes a couple of minutes. It is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry in my pack or strap to the outside. The freestanding feature allows me to set it up anywhere without having to peg it down, which is crucial because often the only ideal spot is on a somewhat 'flattish' rock. It's sturdy enough that I can set it up and if I don't like the position, I can simply pick it up by the frame and move it around until I find the best positioning.

In addition to these key features, the sizing of the tent makes it very versatile. There's plenty of space for two people, but I also like it as an extra spacious 1-person tent and it's tall enough for me to comfortably sit up inside it. Lastly, it's very aesthetically pleasing which is a bonus if you're a photographer like me!

The Geo 2-Person Tent is very well-rounded and excels in all the features that are critical for overnight hiking in the mountains. I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a high-quality hiking tent that's versatile enough to be used as either a 1 or 2-person tent.

Jack Schmidt resting in the Geo 2-Person Tent

The quick set-up, freestanding design and light weight of the Geo 2-Person Tent makes it ideal for an off-track overnighter. (Image courtesy of Jack Schmidt)

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