Gamechanger In The Unpredictable Antarctic

by Ari Comben

Gamechanger In The Unpredictable Antarctic

Ari Comben's recent Antarctic expedition ensured she would be braving icy cold winds and sub-zero temps. And when you're focusing on research that might one day help the entire planet - as Ari does with her marine science and food sustainability background - you can't be worrying about what you're wearing. We kitted her out with plenty of gear but it was the Peak 700 down jacket that was the pick.

Peak 700 Down Jacket

Recently I embarked on a three-week journey as part of the largest Antarctic voyage of women and non-binary leaders united to drive change for a more sustainable world. I found my ultimate ally with the Peak 700 down jacket, allowing me to stay comfortable despite the harsh and unpredictable conditions. This jacket got its true test with me using it every day of the voyage, quickly becoming my favourite. Layering up with Mountain Designs women's merino thermals, Kivalina fleece, and the Peak 700 - the down jacket ensured my warmth and was a game-changer in the unpredictable Antarctic weather.

Antarctica landscape
Shores of Antarctica

Everything you would expect of Antarctica and more. (Images courtesy of Ari Comben)

Field Test

We embarked on a myriad of zodiac trips and undertook several treks, encountering icy gusts, snow and constant sea spray. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to wear it on a climb to an active volcano and a trek through the continental landmass. Versatility and performance became my top priorities, and the Peak 700 down jacket exceeded expectations with its impressively lightweight design. It delivered exceptional warmth and it felt like a feather on my back, allowing unrestricted movement through the icy landscapes.

The water-repellent magic of this down jacket efficiently fended off snow and kept the insulating down dry and effective, a crucial asset in the face of unpredictable elements.

Ari Comben in the Women's Peak 700 Green Down Jacket
Ari Comben in the Women's Peak 700 Green Down Jacket

The Peak quickly became Ari's favourite piece, with lightweight warmth and a fitted shape. (Images courtesy of Ari Comben)

Beyond functionality, the Peak 700 boasts a sleek, flattering shape. There is no compromise on style for performance here. The thoughtful design ensures a nice fit, providing both comfort and a touch of aesthetic appeal. From biting winds to icy terrains, the Peak 700 proved to be a versatile shield. Balancing insulation and breathability, it kept me comfortable in changing conditions. For explorers seeking a down jacket that seamlessly blends performance with practicality, the Peak 700 stands out as the indispensable companion for any cold-weather adventure. Warmth, style, and resilience - all in one exceptional jacket.

Ari Comben in Mountain Designs inner thermals
Ari Comben posting mail from Antarctica

Layering up (left), and thinking of home (right). (Images courtesy of Ari Comben)

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All images supplied by Ari Comben




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