Quality You Can Count On

by Claire Mackay

Quality You Can Count On

Climbing mountains at altitude means adventurer Claire Mackay knows the importance of layering, and that starts at the base level. For her summit attempt of Mera Peak, Claire opted for undergarments from our 100% Merino Thermal range. Read her review here.


100% Merino Thermals

I used the women's 100% Merino Thermal range for my recent trip to Nepal. I have used Mountain Designs thermal base layers during my past expeditions, including to the summit of Aconcagua, so I felt very confident using them for my Mera Peak climb. Apart from comfort, I choose these merino base layers because of their elite features and find them to be some of the best in the industry.

Acclimatisation hike up the neighbouring ridge to Khare
Claire Mackay & Pemba Sherpa on the way to Mera Peak High Camp

Rocking my thermals amongst the backdrop mountains on our acclimatisation hike up the neighbouring ridge to Khare (left) and with Pemba Sherpa on our way to Mera Peak High Camp (right). (Images courtesy of Claire Mackay)

Field Test

As an avid hiker and climber, I need durability in the gear that I take to high altitudes. I find the 100% Merino Thermal range to be very high quality, breathable, temperature regulating and odour-resistant. The Mountain Designs thermals have a composition that is entirely 100% certified Merino wool, making them superior to other thermals with a blended composition, and the fitted style means there is little bulk under my outer layers.

These thermals are quick-drying, lightweight and anti-bacterial, making them perfect for extended expeditions. The moisture-wicking technology absorbs moisture from the body which is hugely beneficial at high altitudes and in extremely cold climates to avoid body chills. These thermals were the only layers I wore underneath my down apparel while climbing close to 6,500m at approximately -22°C. These are a quality-guaranteed, long-term investment for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Claire Mackay at High Camp after a successful climb of Mera Peak
Mera Peak

Arriving back in High Camp after a successful climb of Mera Peak. (Images courtesy of Claire Mackay & Pemba Sherpa)



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Claire Mackay

Pemba Sherpa




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