Duffle Bags

Whether hauling expedition gear or bouncing around on luggage carousels, our range of duffle bags are purpose-made for your most rugged outdoor adventures. Hard-wearing construction and massive storage space makes this style the perfect load carrier when the main objective is getting bulk gear from A to B. Load up and move out, with a Mountain Designs duffle bag.

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What are duffle bags best used for?

A duffle bag is primarily designed to help you transport large volumes of gear. Its construction is focused more on maximising compartment space and durability, rather than technical design or organisation. If you have a sizeable quantity of equipment for camping or expeditions, a large-sized duffle bag may be your best option as it will easily handle the rugged nature of travel and fit all your gear inside at the same time. A smaller duffle bag can be effective for an overnight stay when you just require a change of clothes and not much else, or for use as carry-on travel luggage.

What key features should you look for when choosing a duffle bag?

Every adventurer or traveller should have a duffle bag at their disposal. There are many designs available but the key features to any good duffle bag will include:

Storage Space - This is what makes duffle bags so useful. The simple design maximises the compartment space, allowing you to fit everything in without too much hassle or need for organisation. Compression straps will also help to secure your load by minimising the bulkiness of the bag itself. Ultimately, the size will be determined by how much gear you are taking with you.

Durability & Security - A quality duffle bag will stand up to the demands of travel, as well as the test of time, through durable materials and construction techniques. Our designs use heavy-duty tarpaulin outers, highly durable base fabrics, reinforced stitching, and durable zips and buckles to give them strength and long-lasting wear. The zips are also lock-compatible to allow you to secure your gear with confidence.

Carry Handles - Look for reinforced carry handles that will cope with the heavier loads when lifted, as well as padding for comfort. We have also built padded shoulder straps into our design, so if you want to convert your duffle to a backpack you can.

What is the best duffle bag for travelling?

The best duffle bag for travelling should give you peace of mind that your gear is going to arrive at your destination safe, dry, undamaged and in the same state as when you packed it. Your duffle bag will be subject to some fairly rough treatment while in transit - whether on board an aeroplane, outdoors exposed to the elements or squeezed into the back of a 4WD - so accordingly, it should be constructed with heavy duty materials and techniques to reinforce its strength. We use hard-wearing tarpaulin outers, base materials, and zips and buckles, as well as reinforced stitching, to make our duffle bags tough and long-lasting. Our smaller-sized duffle bags are great for use as carry-on travel luggage, but check the carry-on limits of each airline provider.

Are duffle bags good for camping?

A camping trip usually involves lots of equipment for cooking, sleeping and leisure. In addition, you tend to be travelling to a single location and setting up, rather than constantly being on the move like when you're trekking. Duffle bags are the perfect solution because they allow you to load up plenty of gear, and they provide durable, weatherproof coverage that you can rely on to withstand abrasions or poor weather conditions.

Are duffle bags highly durable?

A key design feature in a Mountain Designs duffle bag is durability. Our duffle bags are purpose-made for hauling bulk gear, so they need to be able to withstand the rough nature of being thrown on an airport carousel, changing weather conditions on a backcountry expedition or getting squeezed into the back of a 4WD. We use heavy-duty materials and construction techniques - like tarpaulin outers, highly durable base fabrics, reinforced stitching, and durable zips and buckles - to ensure your bag lasts for years and years.

How much can you fit in a duffle bag?

The size of a duffle bag is measured in litres and indicates the bag's capacity, essentially telling you how much internal space you have for packing. Our duffle bags come in a variety of sizes, including 50L , 70L, 90L and 120L, so wherever you are heading and whatever your gear load requirements, we have you covered for storage.



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