Men's Scarves & Neckwear

The accessories you kit yourself out with on an outdoor adventure are often just as important as your tops and pants. Scarves and neck gaiters are just some of these key extras, providing protection and comfort around your face and neck when conditions call for warmth. Use your head when things get chilly and get yourself a high quality scarf or neck gaiter from the Mountain Designs range to round out your adventure gear.

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What types of scarves and neckwear are available at Mountain Designs?

Mountain Designs has a high quality range of scarves and neckwear for men that will keep you warm and comfortable on your outdoor adventures. Get neck warmth with a traditional men’s scarf to complement your jacket, or switch it up with the highly versatile neck gaiter. Made from the same thermal-regulating, breathable Merino wool as our scarves, it offers high performance but even higher functionality, able to be worn as a scarf, bandana, headband or beanie. Both styles come as ‘one size fits most’ and in a range of colours to suit your outerwear.

What are the benefits of wearing scarves and neckwear when outdoors?

A lot of focus is put on retaining core body heat, so most adventurers will invest in quality thermals and a high performance jacket to deliver this. But an experienced outdoorsman also knows the benefit of protecting the extremities, be it your head, hands or feet. Scarves and neck gaiters for men keep your neck, ears and head warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. If they are made from a moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric like the Merino wool used in the Mountain Designs range, they will also help manage perspiration when you start working up a sweat, a bit like the way a sports headband or gym headbands work for athletes on the sporting field or in the gym.

What are the available colours of men’s scarves and neckwear at Mountain Designs?

Whatever your outdoor style and wherever your adventure takes you, Mountain Designs has a men’s scarf or neck gaiter for you. Both products come in a variety of colours, including black, navy, charcoal, grey and red, so you can choose one that matches your outerwear or differs for some bright contrast. And don’t forget about gloves, hats and beanies either – we have a great range of these in various colours and sizes as well. Kit yourself out in Mountain Designs accessories for high performance and reliable, long-lasting wear.

Are thermal scarves and neckwear available for men?

Our scarves and neck gaiters for men are fabricated with a Woolmark® certified Merino wool blend, which regulates body temperature through the natural structure of the wool fibres. It does this by trapping body heat close to the skin, keeping you warm when the outside conditions get cold. It is also breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial, so you won’t feel stuffy or damp once you get more active. For a winter scarf or neck gaiter that feels great and performs even better, have a look through the Mountain Designs range.

Which scarves and neck gaiters are great for snow activities?

A winter scarf or neck gaiter is vital for when you head to the snow, whether you’re carving up the ski slopes with a helmet on or just taking an alpine hike with a snug beanie. The Mountain Designs range of scarves and neck gaiters for men will give your neck, ears and head the warmth and comfort they need from snow, ice and cold wind, with their thermal-regulating Merino wool fabrication trapping body heat. The Merino wool fibres are also breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, so if the intensity of your snow activity heats up, you’ll stay fresher and drier for longer.

Which scarves provide protection from the sun?

If you don’t have a hat that provides sun protection for your neck, a men’s scarf is a handy alternative. While it offers terrific warmth from chilly air, a Mountain Designs winter scarf is also highly breathable through its Merino wool fabrication so you won’t get overheated when the sun is out.



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