Pack Accessories

Whether your trekking, backpacking or day hiking, chances are you’re sporting a backpack. Regardless of the pursuit, having the right backpack accessories to go with it is essential to an enjoyable outdoor experience. For a pack cover, pack liner, accessory strap or clip-on carabiners, shop the Mountain Designs range today.

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Where can I buy backpack accessories?

Most specialist outdoor retailers will stock accessories for backpacks or bags. At Mountain Designs, we offer a range of hiking pack accessories, travel pack accessories and army backpack accessories from leading brands such as Sea to Summit and Go Travel. These include handy items such as pack covers, pack liners, accessory straps, luggage straps, security ID tags, locks, and clip on accessories like carabiners.

What pack accessories are best for travel?

Travel pack accessories that will be useful on any trip include the following:

Luggage Strap/Compression Strap – If your bag or pack doesn’t already have compression straps, an accessory strap (used internally around gear, or externally on the backpack itself) may be useful for helping to tighten up the bulk while in transit.

Pack Cover – If your backpack doesn’t have an in-built backpack rain cover, get yourself one of these for rainy day travel. Instant waterproof backpack.

Pack Liner – An alternative to a pack cover, this will keep the entire contents of your backpack dry. Perfect for situations where a pack cover may be impractical (for example, where a pack cover may snag on undergrowth, or for external frame packs where a cover may not fit over the pack).

ID Tag/Security Tag – For easy identification on luggage carousels, on porter trolleys or in lobby storage rooms.

Carabiners/Hooks – Clip on accessories are handy for attaching extra items externally from your backpack straps or daisy chain system. You can also hang smelly gear (like wet clothes or footwear) to air out on the outside while you’re on the move.

What are the best backpack accessories?

The best backpack accessories should provide some functional purpose that makes backpacking easier, safer and more comfortable. For example, a pack cover will help waterproof your backpack in wet weather, or similarly, a pack liner will waterproof your pack’s contents inside. Luggage or compression straps are great for tightening your load into a smaller space, while accessory straps are handy for attaching items that may not pack in easily or need airing, such as footwear, jackets or sleeping bags. ID tags are great for easy identification when your backpack is in transit.

Where do I buy backpack straps?

At Mountain Designs, we stock backpack accessories such as backpack straps, luggage straps and compression straps from leading brands such as Sea to Summit and Go Travel. They specialise in functional outdoor accessories that make hiking, camping, travelling or any other outdoor adventure safer, more convenient and more comfortable.

What are pack accessories for hiking?

If you’re a keen hiker, you’re likely to encounter some rainy days on the trails. A pack cover will help waterproof your hiking backpack, or alternatively a pack liner can protect your possessions inside the pack. For increasing your load, an accessory strap or carabiner can be used to help stow equipment such as sleeping bags, sleeping mats, furniture, jackets or footwear. If you’re thinking about getting yourself some hiking pack accessories, these are the types you should be looking at.



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