Women's Fleece Pants

The snug warmth and comfort of high-quality fleece pants is undeniable – it’s why every adventurer has a pair in their wardrobe. Whether you’re lounging at home, settling in for an overnight camp stay or travelling in relaxed style, our range of Mountain Designs women’s fleece pants delivers reliable performance and protection for cold weather adventure.

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What outdoor activities are women's fleece pants suitable for?

Fleece provides lightweight warmth, durable wear, and a soft, comfortable feel on your skin. It is also quick drying. With these properties, your women's fleece pants or fleece-lined pants are practical to wear in cool, dry weather for activities such as camping, light hiking, travelling and everyday wear.

What are the advantages of wearing fleece pants?

Fleece is a highly versatile and functional material for layering in cold weather as it provides warmth without weight. You can wear fleece pants over the top of thermals (or underwear) in mild, dry conditions or pull some rain pants or snow pants over the top if you need a hard shell outer for stronger weather protection. Quality fleece pants have a soft-touch feel, offering a more comfortable feel against your skin than some other textiles used in outdoor apparel. Most fleece pants are also highly durable and quick-drying for long-lasting wear that is easy to maintain on hiking, camping and travel adventures.

Which women's fleece pants are best for cold weather?

When it comes to fleece clothing, the general rule is the heavier the knit construction, the warmer it is. For this reason, experienced adventurers use layering to ensure optimal warmth and comfort. In cool, dry climates, lightweight fleece pants over some thermals or underwear will probably suffice, for cold weather or rainy conditions, warm fleece pants underneath a more protective hard shell outer, like rain pants or snow pants, will serve you best.

Are women's fleece pants soft and comfortable?

One of the main advantages of fleece pants is the high comfort levels they afford. Fleece pants provide warmth without the weight and a snug hand-feel that is soft against the skin, and this is what makes them perfect for lounging at home, unwinding around the campsite or laidback travel. If you want soft pants that are super comfortable and warm, choose some women's fleece pants from Mountain Designs.

Are women's fleece pants quick-drying?

The fleece we use at Mountain Designs has quick-drying properties, meaning your fleece pants can handle a light sprinkling of rain and will be easy-to-maintain when you need to wash them. While they do have a certain level of water resistance, they are not waterproof, so for prolonged activity in wet weather conditions you are best to replace them with some more protective rain pants or layer the rain pants over the top.

What designs of women's fleece pants are available at Mountain Designs?

We offer warm fleece pants with pockets in a variety of colours and sizes to match your cool weather activity and suit your personal style. Our women's fleece pants are warm and comfortable, highly durable and quick-drying, and also have features such as elasticated waist bands and adjustable draw cords to guarantee a personal fit.



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