Hiking & Camping Tents

Mountain Designs hiking and camping tents are for those adventurers seeking lightweight shelter, reliable weather protection and easy set-up for their overnight trips or multi-day treks. Whether you're a minimalist solo explorer, or a duo seeking their outdoor sanctuary for the night, Mountain Designs provides a range of purpose-made, durable designs that consistently deliver on performance, functionality and ease-of-use. Make your home under the stars with Mountain Designs hiking tents and camping tents.

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What type of tent should you take camping?

The best camping tents optimise internal space. Look for 2-person or 3-person designs that have a large floor footprint to maximise the sleeping area and storage space for packs and bags, and high straight-wall designs for extra head room. Dome tents will often have these features. Multiple door access makes getting in-and-out of the tent or manoeuvring around others much more convenient, and also provides ventilation and breathability when the tent is full. Of course, heavy duty construction materials are essential for ensuring everyone stays safe and dry from the elements such as rain, wind and cold temperatures.

Are camping tents simple to set up?

The range of tents at Mountain Designs - including camping tents - are all easy to pitch. While each is slightly different in terms of the number of poles and structure arrangement, they all use high-strength, lightweight aluminium poles that fix together quickly and easily so you can be set up in just minutes. Each rain fly uses Velcro tabs to secure it in place to the poles, and there are adjustable connectors to fasten the fly to the inner.

How can you keep your tent clean while camping?

There's nothing more annoying inside your tent than tripping over your own gear or fumbling around while you search for an item you need pronto. Keeping your tent clean and tidy makes outdoor life much easier, so follow these basic tips for better living:

  • Remove your shoes before entering to minimise the amount of grass, sand, dirt and mud that gets onto your tent floor or in amongst your gear. A tarp lined along the outer section at the front entrance is also a good way to stop debris getting inside, as is a car door mat.
  • Organise your gear into specified areas. Packs and bags can live in the vestibule while quick-grab items like head torches, multi-tools or toiletries can be stowed in a gear loft or storage pouch. Also pack some hooks, carabiners or multi-purpose rope - these can be used to hang things.
  • Pitch near a tree so you can hang clothes or lanterns from it.
  • Keep a rubbish bag tucked into one of the corners, so you can easily stay on top of litter and waste. A plastic bag is good, a resealable plastic pouch is even better.
  • Avoid eating and drinking things that may stain easily or cause a real mess if you spill them. In fact, if you can help it, avoid eating, drinking or pouring other liquids full stop.
  • Arrange your sleeping system within a designated section (to one side, or completely centred) so you have plenty of room to allocate for storage and other gear.

What camping tents are good for families?

Family camping tents need to maximise internal space so there is enough sleeping room for multiple persons, as well as storing your packs and bags. A multi-person design with a large floor space is a good start, and consider dome tents that use a high straight-wall construction as they provide more head room and make it easier for everyone to move around inside. It's also useful to have dual entry points as they provide convenient access and ventilation in warmer weather.

Which camping tents are lightweight?

Most materials used in tent design are lightweight but they still need to be strong enough to handle outdoor environments and weather. The poles used in our range of tents for camping are constructed from a high-strength, lightweight aluminium alloy that provides reliable durability and structural integrity. Our hiking tents also use this same type of pole, but the fly materials will tend to be lighter than big family camping tents. They are purpose-made this way as you will be on the move with them more often. The flipside is that they may provide less room.

Do tents include repair kits?

Life in the outdoors can be rugged at times and even the best quality gear can get roughed up by the elements on occasions, despite how heavy duty it may be. If you do somehow damage your tent, rest assured, as all the hiking tents and camping tents in the Mountain Designs range come with a repair kit. These generally include a pole splint, and spare material pieces for the inner, fly, mesh and floor.



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