Comfort On The Californian Coastline

by Harrison Candlin - Adventure Ambassador

Comfort On The Californian Coastline

Adventure Ambassador Harrison Candlin and partner Madison visited Point Reyes on California's northern shoreline last month, where they were met with some crazy coastal weather. Here they review the performance of our Alta and Perisher softshell jackets, which we had armed them with for comfort, warmth and protection on their adventures.

A Wind-Chilled Trip To The Coast

When the weather packs in and throws you a whole heap of wind and rain, there is no better or more important item than a softshell jacket. Softshells provide rain and wind protection as well as the warmth. Over the last couple of months we have been putting the Men's Perisher and Women's Alta softshell jackets to the test here in California, and they have proven to be an essential in our kit, combining the best parts of a fleece and a waterproof shell into one piece of gear.

Softshell Review
One very windy day at Point Reyes, California.

Men’s Perisher & Women’s Alta Softshells

Have you ever planned a day trip only to be confronted with crazy overcast and windy conditions? This is just what we got when we visited Point Reyes on the Californian coast last month. Although it's the middle of summer, the coast is still cold and windy during the days. We had constant low-lying fog all day and wind gusts of 60km with a wind chill of about 10 degrees. Not pleasant and definitely better with jackets on. Needless to say, we were in desperate need of wind protection so that we could stay warm and our softshells provided just that. High-pile neck line, soft fleece inner and a windproof outer built to stop the wind breaking through.

Softshell Review
Softshell protection has been vital on cold mornings.

Although we have not had the chance to test these jackets in snow or heavy rainfall (being in a Californian summer), it's evident that with the right layering the Men's Perisher jacket would be great for skiing and snowboarding. There are six pockets in total, with front, wrist and inside access that would keep phones and ski passes protected yet easily accessible. The jacket also features reflective strips which is handy for dark or low visibility situations. We've used this feature in the dark, walking along the road using a head torch to light up the jacket for visibility for oncoming motorists. It's a great safety feature.

While the women's Alta jacket lacks reflective strips and extra zips, it still boasts the same level of wind and water resistance. Both feature removable hoods for when it's not raining or snowing. We both personally like wearing the softshells without the hoods. The chin guard prevents irritation from the zip and fabric, which is a nice added touch, and the pockets have a fleece finish which feels soft and comfortable when your hands are tucked in.

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