Rainfalls & Waterfalls: Guaranteed Gore-Tex® Protection

by Harrison Candlin - Adventure Ambassador

Rainfalls & Waterfalls: Guaranteed Gore-Tex® Protection

Spending the best part of a year on the road, exploring everything the western stretch of the US has to offer, means you're going to encounter a few wet days. But with Cumulus GORE-TEX® rain jackets to zip on, Mountain Designs Adventure Ambassador Harrison Candlin and his partner Madison aren't going to be put off by a little rain. Read on to get their take on the best waterproof protection in the Mountain Designs range.


Waterproof - Check, Lightweight - Check, Packable - Check

Unlike the Californian summer, fall in Oregon and Washington has been filled with rainy days. But the rain hasn't stopped us from getting out and adventuring, as long as we have our GORE-TEX® jackets packed. Both of us have been using the Mountain Designs Cumulus GORE-TEX® rain jackets and while the men's and women's jackets have some small differing features, both of them are lightweight and offer the same excellent protection and durability that is expected in a quality waterproof rain jacket.

Cumulus Rainwear Review

Adventure Ambassador Harrison staying dry in his Cumulus GORE-TEX® rain jacket.

Cumulus GORE-TEX® Rain Jackets

There are so many different rain jackets on the market that offer varying degrees of rain and wind protection. One thing we have always known is that while GORE-TEX® products are always a bit pricier, they are guaranteed to keep you dry. After putting the Cumulus jackets to the test in rain, snow, wind and waterfalls, we can vouch firsthand for their quality! To ensure that absolutely no water can get in, the jackets have a water repellent finish and are fully seam sealed. Even the zippered hand pockets are waterproof so our phones can stay dry (when we don't have them out taking photos of course!).


Oregon is filled with waterfalls and the best time to visit them is when it is raining. So on many occasions we have been hiking with the jackets. While they are more breathable than a lot of other rain jackets we have tried, after hiking for 10 to 15 minutes it starts to get a bit steamy and there are no vents to let in some air. I guess that can be the price you pay for staying dry! The jacket hoods are quite deep which has proven useful when we are up close to waterfalls and water is coming at you from all directions, but there is also the option to stuff the hood into the collar of the jacket if you'd prefer. Another thing we have noticed with these jackets is that while they offer so much, they are so light and pack away so small - there really is no excuse to get caught in the rain again with such an easy-to-carry, portable cover!

Cumulus Rainwear Review

The breathtaking waterfall scenery in Oregon.

Cumulus Rainwear Review

Madison's red Cumulus strikes a colourful contrast with surrounding landscapes.

There are some subtle differences in the design that can be noted: the men's jacket has reflective strips positioned on the back, the women's are on the front; the front zipper on the women's jacket has a storm flap to conceal and protect it, the men's version does not.

Cumulus Rainwear Review

GORE-TEX® technology, engineered into the Cumulus, carries their "Guaranteed To Keep You Dry" promise.

All in all we are really happy with the performance and durability of the Cumulus jackets so far and plan to continue testing them out in even harsher conditions!


All images supplied by Harrison Candlin




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