No Soak In The Norway Rain

by Zach & Kaitlan Bostock

No Soak In The Norway Rain

A day hike in cold, wet and windy conditions is probably tolerable when it takes in the majestic scenery of Norway's Preikestolen, otherwise known to English speakers as Pulpit Rock. Breath-taking views of the Norwegian Fjords and steep cliff faces ensure that the 604-metre ascent is rewarded. Zach and Kaitlan Bostock from @justzachandkaitlan recently embarked on this hike, and used the Stratus Rain Jacket to full effect. Read on for their gear review below and check out their adventures in Field Notes.

Stratus Rain Jacket

The weather on the mountain was manageable but it was certainly cold and damp! We had base layers, down jackets and trekking pants but of course we needed rain shells to ensure those layers - and ourselves - were protected from the elements. What we found was that the Stratus delivered both in protection and functionality, ensuring our comfort for the day was not compromised.

Norway's Iconic Pulpit Rock

Norway's iconic Pulpit Rock. (Image courtesy of Zach & Kaitlan Bostock)

Field Test

Zach was wearing the Stratus rain jacket and as it turned out, it sure was a standout piece for the day. You could see the water beading off the outer DWR finish meaning that no water was seeping through to the under layers keeping him warm. On our walk to Preikestolen we had to dress in layers to keep warm. It was a cold, wet and at times windy day. Zach was wearing thermal base layers, a down jacket and then followed by the rain jacket. The Stratus stopped the rain and freezing cold wind helping to keep him warm throughout the journey. Layers could easily be added or removed under the rain jacket as needed throughout the day as the weather changed. Under the arms are pit zips on each side allowing for venting. This was helpful for when the sun came out or on the warmer parts of the trail where there was no wind. Opening the zips up can help to prevent condensation from building up inside and allows for air circulation.

The hood was another great feature that came in handy. The little peak at the front helps to keep water off the face and protects your face from the elements. To secure the hood in place the toggle at the back allows for the perfect fit. By pulling the toggle you can tighten the hood around the crown of your head locking it in place to prevent it from coming too far forward over your eyes or slipping off backwards. A real gamechanger when you are hiking and constantly looking up and down at the amazing scenery.

As we are backpacking over the coming months the Stratus Rain Jacket has been ideal for our backpacks. It's lightweight and can be rolled up to be compact. This is great to keep pack weight down and leave room for some comfort items like a camping pillow.

The Stratus is a Pertex® Shield

The Stratus is a Pertex® Shield 2.5-layer construction that is fully seam sealed. (Images courtesy of Zach & Kaitlan Bostock)

The Stratus is a Pertex® Shield

With a PFC-free DWR finish. (Images courtesy of Zach & Kaitlan Bostock)

Photo Credits

All imagery supplied by Zach & Kaitlan Bostock




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