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Buy men’s thermals for the ultimate in warmth & comfort. Find the best men’s thermal tops, men’s thermal pants & men’s merino thermals at Mountain Designs.

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Layer Up With Quality Men's Thermals From Mountain Designs

At Mountain Designs we understand that when adventuring in cold climates, you need proper protection from the elements. Men's thermals give you an extra shield against cold, wind, snow and ice by adding an additional layer that provides warmth and comfort no matter what the conditions outside. Explore the range of men's thermals at Mountain Designs, where you can find lightweight first layer garments that form the basis for comfort and warmth when adventuring or travelling. Designed to combat cold climates, our men's thermals come in a range of performance fabrics and fibre blends, so you can venture out comfortably layered up with the best next-to-skin, thermal-regulating protection - all at great prices from Mountain Designs.

Discover A Great Range Of Men's Thermal Styles & Materials

At Mountain Designs you can find men's thermals in three different comes in three performance fabric types:

  • Men's Merino Thermals: For superior warmth and comfort choose men's thermals made from merino wool. Merino wool is a natural insulator as well as being highly breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying - making it an exceptional material for regulating body temperature. Whether you're looking for men's snow thermals or men's winter thermals, our men's merino thermals deliver every time.
  • Men's Merino Blend Thermals: Choose men's thermals made from merino wool blended with recycled polyester for a high-performance thermal layer. With temperature-regulating properties combined with super wear and strength, merino blend thermals are perfect for alpine sports and everyday wear alike.
  • Men's Polypro Thermals: Crafted from durable polypropylene, men's polypro thermals offer the benefits of a lightweight and hard-wearing fabrication without breaking the bank. Delivering warmth without bulk and reliable value for money, polypropylene men's thermals are the ideal choice for the budget-conscious adventurer.

Each category of men's thermals includes men's thermal tops and men's thermal pants in a variety of colours and sizes ranging from XS through to 3XL. Whichever style you select, a close fit will ensure the best in warmth, temperature regulation and insulating properties.

Men's Thermals FAQs

What are the benefits of men's thermals?

There are a number of benefits to wearing men's thermal pants and men's thermal tops, including:

  • Regulating your core body temperature by trapping body heat against your skin, keeping you warm and comfortable even when you remove an outer layer.
  • Easy to layer as the lightweight fabrication minimises excess weight and bulk.
  • Keeping you comfortable with their moisture-wicking properties.

Why is moisture-wicking important for men's thermals?

An important feature of high-quality men's thermals is that they wick moisture away from the skin, helping to keep you comfortable and dry during active pursuits. All of the men's thermals in the Mountain Designs range are moisture-wicking, so hit the trails or set up the campsite knowing that you won't have that damp feel once you get active.

When should I wear men's thermals?

You can wear men's thermals any time you are venturing out in cold climates and need to keep your core body temperature regulated. They are designed to be worn as a first layer during any cold weather activity, from everyday use to alpine adventures. If you're likely to encounter cold, wind, rain or even snow on your camping adventures, it is a great idea to have men's thermal pants and thermal tops on your gear list.

Shop Comfortable Men's Thermals For Every Adventure At Mountain Designs

Discover quality men's thermals from Mountain Designs, designed for superior warmth, insulation and moisture-wicking in cold conditions. Whether you're looking for men's merino thermals, merino blends or durable men's polypro thermals, you'll find the perfect fit for every camping adventure, alpine expedition or for simply layering up on a cold winter's day. Buy men's thermal pants and thermal tops online at Mountain Designs and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order. You can also find an excellent selection of men's jackets & vests including men's rain jackets, men's fleece jackets and men's synthetic insulated jackets to prepare yourself for every weather condition. Find out more about getting ready for winter and alpine adventures with our handy guide on the art of layering clothing. Mountain Designs Alliance Club members also benefit from exclusive discounted Club prices, sign-up vouchers and other fabulous member benefits - make sure you sign up today!



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