Men's Vests

Keep your core warm wherever your journey takes you with the versatile insulation of one of our Mountain Designs men's vests. They deliver lightweight warmth with less bulk, allowing you to wear them on their own or as a mid-layer under an outer shell. This offers freedom of choice when organising your outfit and freedom of movement once you hit the trails, arrive at the campsite or set off on your travels. Our range of men's vests includes down vests and fleece vests that are stylish, fit-for-purpose and equip you for every adventure.

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Where can I find the best men's vests?

The best men's vests lock in warmth around you core while freeing up your arms to enhance your movements. They provide lightweight insulation in a streamlined design, meaning they can be worn alone or as a layering piece - worn over a shirt and under an outer shell. If you're after a men's camping vest or hiking vest, Mountain Designs has a comprehensive range, in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, to suit these activities and keep you protected from the cold weather elements.

Which men's vests are best for cold weather?

All vests provide some core warmth but if you really want to beat the cold weather, you need a vest with insulative properties. Down insulation vests, or puffer vests, offer excellent insulation through the natural down fill that traps warm air within its clusters. This also keeps weight down, giving puffer vests an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. A fleece vest with a wind-resistant, inner membrane is another good choice for keeping body heat inside and chilly breezes outside. And you might also think about a hooded vest, which provides additional protection for your head and ears from rain, wind and cold air.

Which men's vests are waterproof?

A few drops of rain shouldn't stop you from venturing outside. In fact, even a downpour shouldn't hold you back. Our vests are designed with technical elements like waterproof fabrics, waterproofing treatments such as a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, inner membranes, fully seam sealed construction, or a combination of these, to achieve waterproofness so you can keep exploring when cold weather turns to rainy weather.

Are men's vests suitable for camping?

Men's vests are a great outer garment choice for camping as they are lightweight, comfortable and provide warmth for your core. If you're camping in mild temperatures, your vest can conveniently be worn over a shirt. If the weather turns or you're pitching in a cold setting, simply layer it up with a more protective outer shell, like a rain jacket or softshell jacket, over the top.

What materials are men's vests made of?

Vests can come in a variety of materials, but at Mountain Designs we offer down insulation vests and fleece vests because of their proven effectiveness at combatting cold climates and providing high performance. Our down vests, or puffer vests as they can also be called, feature durable ripstop nylon or polyester outer shells with down fill, which provides an outer layer of protection from the weather and an inner layer of insulation to keep you warm. The down fill itself is RDS-certified and is either duck or goose down, which naturally insulates by trapping warm air within its clusters. Our fleece vests are made of durable polyesters, which have been used and trusted for decades by countless adventure gear manufacturers because of the excellent warmth-to-weight ratio they bring. Whichever outer garment style you choose, you can trust it to perform.

Which men's vests should I choose for my hiking trip?

Our range of men's vests comes in down and fleece, and either style provides a reliable and practical outer garment solution. They both provide lightweight warmth, wind protection and comfort, and give you the range of movement you want when hitting the trails. If there is rain about, you can easily throw a rain jacket or softshell jacket over the top too. A hiking vest with pockets is something to think about for practical reasons - you don't always want to stop your hike to rummage through your pack looking for a snack, tools or your sunglasses. Pockets provide a storage option for these quick-grab items so you can easily access them while on the go.



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