Women's Polypro Thermals

Polypro thermals have been used in the outdoor adventure industry for decades because they are lightweight, durable and provide reliable warmth. The polypropylene fabric itself is an excellent thermal regulator, fast drying and cost effective in production. With that, our range of polypro thermals for women delivers long-lasting wear, value-for-money and most importantly, dependable performance that will keep you warm and comfortable.

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What is polypro and what are the benefits of this material?

Polypropylene is a highly durable, cost-effective fabric used worldwide in the manufacture of thermals. It is an incredibly lightweight fibre with a high warmth-to weight ratio, excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing, and fast drying time. For these reasons, it has been used in the production of base layer undergarments for decades.

What outdoor activities are women's polypro thermals good for?

Polypropylene regulates body temperature so polypro thermals for women are suitable for any cold weather activity because of their ability to keep you warm and comfortable. Whether you're hiking on the trails, climbing a rock face, camping or travelling abroad, they deliver lightweight warmth you can rely on. They are also moisture-wicking with fast drying properties to ensure you don't get that uncomfortable damp, clammy feeling during activity.

Are women's polypro thermals suitable for wet weather?

Like any women's thermal clothing, polypro thermals should be worn next-to-skin as a base layer. This is what makes them effective at regulating core body temperature. While they are also moisture-wicking and fast drying, their performance will be sub-standard if they are used in any way that brings them in direct contact with rain as they simply won't handle being saturated. So if you are adventuring in wet weather, wear your polypro thermals as you normally would a base layer, but with a hard-shell rain jacket over the top that delivers complete waterproof protection.

Are women's polypro thermals good in cold weather?

Polypropylene offers effective core body temperature regulation, due to its low thermal conductivity that reduces body heat dispersion while insulating you from cold external temperatures. It also draws perspiration from the skin surface for evaporation, and is fast drying so you won't feel damp and clammy during activity. Add in the fact that it is super lightweight, and you have an effective fabric for base layer undergarments in cold weather activities. Any time you need extra warmth, from alpine adventures to everyday wear, choose from our range of thermals for women.

Do women's polypro thermals make a good base layer?

Women's thermal clothing is designed to be worn next-to-skin so a close fit will always deliver best results. To be an effective base layer, think of them like thermal underwear. With that part of your outfit covered, layer on your mid-piece (a fleece top, down vest or long sleeved shirt) then your hard-shell outer for when you need extra weather protection from rain, wind or snow.

Are women's polypro thermals lightweight?

Polypropylene is an exceptionally lightweight fibre with the lowest specific weight (0.91g/cm) of all textile fibres. In fact, it is 40% lighter than cotton. This high warmth-to-weight ratio is what makes it an effective fabrication for women's thermal tops and pants.



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