Women's Travel Pants & Shorts

Discover the performance benefits of Merino Blend fabric in our women's Merino pants range. Lightweight, stretchy and highly breathable, this exceptional material makes travel, casual walks and everyday outings a breeze with its enhanced comfort level. It also regulates body temperature and resists odour, keeping you warm when the temperature drops and keeping you fresh when you have to get moving. The Mountain Designs women's Merino pants range - designed for casual comfort without giving up on quality.

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What outdoor activities are Merino blend pants best for?

The unique blend used in our Merino pants combines Merino wool with other conventional outdoor apparel fabrics like cotton and nylon. The result is a lightweight, highly breathable material that regulates body temperature, wicks moisture away from the skin and is naturally odour-resistant. This mix of comfort and performance, along with a more relaxed fit, makes our women's Merino pants ideal for laidback travel, easy trail walks, or lounging around by the campfire or at home.

Are women's Merino blend pants lightweight?

The mix of Merino wool, cotton and nylon in our Merino pants makes for a lightweight, soft-touch fabric that delivers big on comfort. It also has generous stretch, similar to that in Merino leggings, allowing for freedom of movement during activity. So, for minimising weight and bulk while travelling, on light hikes or just in everyday wear, go for our Merino pants.

Are women's Merino blend pants comfortable?

The main design rationale behind the women's Merino pants was to create a style more suited to casual, relaxed outdoor activity. It required a fabric that was highly comfortable but still delivered performance benefits. The Merino blend helped achieve this, offering thermal regulation, breathability and moisture-wicking properties, but with a lightweight, stretchy, soft feel to maximise comfort.

Are Merino blend pants suitable for the snow and cold weather?

The Merino wool component of the Merino blend fabric provides natural thermal regulation, with the crimped structure of the fibres trapping body heat close to the skin. This will help you stay warm in cool, dry climates. But for snow adventures or when the cold season is really upon you, it is best to opt for snow pants or softshell pants, over Merino pants. These more technical pants feature design elements such as synthetic insulation, waterproof or windproof linings and fabric surface treatments that deliver the much greater levels of weather protection you need for those more demanding conditions.

Can Merino blend pants be worn as a base layer?

Merino blend pants provide an effective level of warmth through the natural insulation properties of the Merino wool, plus they are breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying. They tend to have a more relaxed fit, however, which means they won't provide optimal performance or comfort if you wear them as your base layer. Base layers work best when they are worn close to the skin, so stick to thermal pants and thermal tops if you need a first-level undergarment in cold weather for activities like hiking, trekking or skiing.

Are Merino blend pants odour-resistant?

One of the benefits of Merino wool is its natural resistance to odour and bacterial build-up. With Merino wool blended into the fabrication, our women's Merino pants will repel those unpleasant microorganisms that cause odour, helping you stay fresher for longer and allowing you to get more wear in between washes.


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