The Mountain Designs luggage series comes in a range of styles and sizes to meet your travelling needs. It has been designed for convenience, durability and with functionality, so even when your travels are more in transit than in the outdoors, you can still take a piece of the mountain with you.

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What key features should you look for when choosing a luggage bag?

Some key features to look out for when choosing a luggage bag include:

Durability - A luggage bag needs to be tough otherwise it won't handle the often rugged treatment inflicted upon it by airport baggage handlers, conveyor belts, cramped overhead compartments and crowded public transport. Hard-wearing materials, reinforced stitching and bracing supports will all give a luggage bag longevity of use.

Storage Space - Like any bag or pack, your luggage bag needs to fit all your gear comfortably and without having to jam it all in. Start by choosing a style with a large main compartment that has easy access, then look for additional pockets and pouches that help to organise and separate out specific items.

Mobility - For stress-free travel, you want to be able to manoeuvre through crowded airports or on busy public transport quickly. High quality luggage bags will consider this functionality in their design. Roller wheels and telescopic handles provide mobile carriage, and sturdy grab handles allow you to pick up your bag safely and surely from baggage carousels.

What is the best luggage bag for travelling?

Having reliable luggage you can depend on to safely stow your gear is essential when you're travelling abroad, especially overseas. We've all heard the nightmare stories of luggage bags being ripped apart in transit, with gear being damaged or even worse, lost. The best luggage bag combines durability, mobility and storage space to ensure your gear gets safely from start to finish on its journey. Hard-wearing materials, reinforced stitching and braced designs provide the strength, while roller wheels and adjustable handles deliver ease of mobility.

Which luggage bags are the most durable?

Durability is a key factor to look for in travel bags as your luggage is going to be put through some serious rough handling when it's loaded onto baggage conveyor belts, squeezed into overhead compartments on a plane, or carried up and down stairs in hotels. The travel bags in our luggage range are constructed with hard-wearing outer and base materials, reinforced stitching, and durable zips and buckles, to make sure they are equipped to handle the demands of travel no matter where you're heading.

Which luggage bags are lightweight?

While you won't be carrying your luggage for the long haul like you might a travel pack or hiking pack, you will still need to manoeuvre it in transit. Whether you're grabbing it off a luggage belt in the airport, navigating your way on public transport or carrying it from the hotel lobby to your room, a lightweight and easy-to-carry luggage bag will make life easier. All styles in our luggage bag range are robust yet still lightweight to carry and roll along easily, so you can make your way with a minimum of fuss.

Should you choose a luggage bag with lockable zips?

Lockable zips are an excellent feature on quality luggage bags, giving you an extra level of security and peace of mind. While we all need to accept putting some trust in airport baggage handlers, customs officials and hotel concierges, having an additional line of defence when it comes to protecting your personal belongings while travelling never hurts. It also helps to deter would-be thieves on public transport. We recommend choosing a luggage bag that has these lockable zips so you can protect your gear just that little bit more.



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