Women's Merino Blend Thermals

Thermal clothing forms the base of any good adventure outfit for cold weather. Women’s Merino blend thermals are a mix of Merino wool and recycled polyester, providing breathable and moisture wicking performance with enhanced strength. From the alpine to everyday use, Merino blend women’s thermals are a superior choice.

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What are Merino thermals?

Merino thermals are thermal clothing made with Merino wool. Mountain Designs has two types of Merino wool base layer - 100% Australian Merino and a Merino blend. The former is obviously made entirely of Merino wool, while the blend is a combination of Merino wool and recycled polyester. This unique performance mix has a faster drying time than 100% Merino of the same weight, and is 45% stronger with enhanced strength properties such as burst strength, stretch and recovery. The bonus is that the Merino wool component ensures the benefits of wool are retained - so they are thermal-regulating, breathable and moisture wicking.

Why is a Merino thermal a base layer?

Thermal clothing is designed to be worn next-to-skin. It should be firm-fitting, but still allow for freedom of movement while it acts as a base layer underneath your mid-layer (for warmth) and outer layer (for weather protection). A thermal base made of Merino wool performs a number of key functions, with benefits such as:

Thermal Regulation - The natural crimp of the Merino wool fibre traps warm air next to your skin.

Highly Breathable - It allows body moisture vapour to be released and evaporated.

Moisture Wicking - It absorbs sweat away from your skin during activity.

Quick Drying - Merino Wool is one of the fastest drying natural fibres available, and our Merino wool blend is even quicker than 100% Merino wool of the same weight.

Antibacterial - The natural structure of the Merino wool fibre repels odour and bacteria.

Static Free - Merino wool is static free, itch free and offers a soft, next-to-skin feel.

Flame Resistant - Merino fibres are naturally flame retarding and self-extinguishing.

What are the best thermals for cold weather?

During cold weather, Merino thermals will help to regulate your body temperature so you stay warm and comfortable. They do this through the natural Merino wool fibres, which trap body heat close to the skin surface. Pair one of our long sleeve Merino blend women's thermal tops with some thermal pants for a complete set of base layer warmth and comfort.

Is Merino wool warmer than cotton?

Merino wool is a 100% renewable fibre, which has a natural crimp that can trap warm air. When used in thermal clothing, it becomes highly efficient at regulating body temperature by trapping this warm air next to your skin. If you are in cold weather, Merino thermals are a great choice for a base layer, ahead of many other fabrics including cotton.

How much does a Merino wool thermal cost?

Merino wool can be used in thermal base layers either as a blend or as the entire material. Obviously this will determine which features and benefits it provides, but a 100% Merino wool base layer will be more expensive than a Merino wool blend because of the higher Merino wool content.



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