Product Care Instructions - GORE-TEX® Rainwear

Product Care Instructions - GORE-TEX® Rainwear

A GORE-TEX® rain jacket is an investment in your adventure lifestyle. Take care of it and it will take care of you on wet days over and over again. Mountain Designs recommends the following care instructions:

Cleaning Your GORE-TEX® Rainwear

  • Before washing, ensure that all zips, flaps and tabs are closed. Also check that there is nothing in the pockets.
  • Machine wash your GORE-TEX® rainwear garment with warm water at 40°C on gentle cycle, using a liquid detergent. Do not use powder detergent, bleach, fabric softener, conditioners or stain removers as they can affect the garment's performance.
  • Rinse well, twice.
  • Tumble dry on low heat. Alternatively, line dry. Once dry, tumble dry for 20 minutes more to reactivate the water repellent treatment.
  • If unable to tumble dry, iron your GORE-TEX® rainwear garment on a warm setting with no steam, with a protective towel or cloth placed between the garment and the iron. This will also help to reactivate the water repellent treatment.
  • Dry cleaning your GORE-TEX® rainwear garment is not recommended. If dry cleaned, request clean distilled hydrocarbon solvent for rinsing and the outer fabric to be treated with a new water repellent treatment.

Activating DWR on Your GORE-TEX® Rainwear

  • Upon purchase, your GORE-TEX® rainwear garment's water repellent treatment may be 'flat' due to shipment and storage. A quick iron or tumble dry before first wear, as per the instructions provided in the cleaning section above, will ensure optimal performance.

Restoring DWR on Your GORE-TEX® Rainwear

  • Every 12 months, you may consider restoring the water repellent finish on the outer fabric of your GORE-TEX® rainwear garment. The best way to tell if it needs re-proofing is to spray some water on the outer fabric - if it beads up and rolls away it is ok, if it appears to soak into the fabric then it is not ok.
  • Apply a DWR treatment as per the instructions of the care product supplier.

General Tips & Notes

  • If in doubt, check the care label on the inside of your rainwear and follow the care instructions provided.




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