Women's Tops & Pullovers

For cold weather adventurers, a high-quality top or pullover is like an old friend - reliable, dependable and comforting. Offering warmth, durability and wind resistance, you can easily wear one alone over thermals or as a snug mid-layer beneath a hard-shell outer when there is rain or snow about. So like an old friend, look to our Mountain Designs range of women's tops and pullovers to have your back through thick and thin on any outdoor adventure.

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What women's fleece tops are the best choice for hiking?

Long sleeved fleece tops can be worn as an outer layer over thermals in cool, dry conditions, and as a comfy mid-layer piece in very cold weather or when it's raining. It's this layering versatility that makes a fleece pullover or full zip fleece a popular choice for hiking adventures, particularly in cool climate locations. They're also great for camping, climbing, travel and everyday wear so for a reliable all-rounder, pull on one of our Mountain Designs ladies fleece tops.

What are the warmest women's fleece tops for winter?

Our range of women's fleece tops come in a variety of different knit weights, which is ultimately what determines how warm they are. A heavy-weight knit construction, such as a high-pile style, offers the most warmth, as well as a soft feel on your skin. These fleece tops are perfect for snuggling up in winter. Look out for a hooded style that will give your head, ears and neck extra protection from wind and cold weather as well. Whether you choose a hoodie, full zip fleece or fleece pullover, you can always rely on the warmth and comfort they provide during the colder winter months.

Are women's fleece tops appropriate for wet weather?

Each style in our range of ladies fleece tops is designed to be quick-drying, meaning a light shower won't hurt if you're wearing one as an outer layer. However, they aren't designed to be waterproof so if you're heading out in rainy conditions or you think you may encounter a heavy downpour, be sure to layer a rain jacket over the top. The fleece mid-layer will be perfect for staying warm while the technical, hard-shell outer delivers the appropriate weather protection you need.

Are women's fleece tops windproof?

A long sleeved fleece pullover or full zip fleece jacket is an essential selection for staying warm in windy conditions. The various styles in our range of women's fleece tops are designed to provide wind resistance that allows you to wear them as an outer layer over some thermals or a t-shirt. For full windproof performance, you can then layer on a hard-shell outer, like a rain jacket or snow jacket. A hoodie style will add an extra shield for your head, ears and neck so opt for one of those when the breeze is really chilly.

Do fleece tops make a good base layer?

Mountain Designs fleece tops have a super soft hand-feel so they are really comfortable on your skin, but the best base layer is still a pair of thermals. Start by layering your fleece over the top of some high quality Mountain Designs thermals, and if the weather gets too wet or cold, slip on a more protective outer layer - like a hard-shell rain jacket or snow jacket - for maximum warmth and comfort.

Are fleece tops the best choice for comfort?

Fleece tops make versatile layering pieces because they allow you to adjust your wardrobe in cold weather. If it is mild and dry, a fleece pullover can be worn simply as an outer layer. If conditions turn or are more extreme, a lightweight fleece is a great mid-layer underneath a rain jacket or snow jacket. However you choose to layer, take comfort in the reliable warmth and cosy feel of the fleece material. This durable snugness is the reason fleece tops have long been popular with mountaineers, alpine adventurers and trekkers.



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