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A high-quality top or pullover is an investment in your comfort on cold weather adventures. Providing warmth without the extra bulk, they play a versatile role in your layering system, either worn alone over thermals or as a snug mid-layer under a hard-shell outer when the rain or snow falls.

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What are the best choices of men's fleece tops for hiking?

Fleece tops are designed for layering, which makes them well-suited to hiking adventures. In cool, mild settings, a long sleeved men's fleece top can be worn as an outer layer over thermals, being lightweight and soft on the skin. For cold weather treks, or if there is rain about, you can layer a softshell jacket, rain jacket or down jacket over the top to boost your warmth.

What are the advantages of men's fleece tops?

Fleece tops have long been popular with mountaineers and explorers as they provide a number of benefits that make adventuring more comfortable and safer. First and foremost, they provide excellent warmth without the bulk in cold weather. They have a soft hand-feel and are highly versatile in design, as they can be worn alone or as an insulating layer under a more protective hard-shell outer, such as a rain jacket or snow jacket. In addition, fleece is durable so you can be sure of long-lasting wear from season to season.

What are the warmest men's fleece tops for winter?

Staying warm during winter is easy with any of the long-sleeved men's fleece tops in our range. However, the actual bite of the cold will determine just what type of fleece is required. Typically, the weight of the knit construction will determine the warmth, with the heaviest-weight fleece delivering the most. A pile-style fleece offers excellent insulation, as well as an extra-soft feel on your skin. Also think about a hooded style, which will give your head, ears and neck extra protection from wind and cold air. Whether you opt for a full zip fleece jacket, a fleece pullover or a hoodie, take comfort in knowing that they are all designed to keep you snug when the mercury drops.

Are mens fleece tops appropriate for wet weather?

The fleece tops in our range are all quick drying, meaning they can handle a light sprinkling if you're wearing them on their own as an outer layer. If you are going to be in the rain for prolonged periods or if the downpour is heavy, a fleece top is best worn as a mid-layer garment underneath a rain jacket, designed with technical elements (such as waterproof fabric, a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish or an inner membrane) that stop water from penetrating through to your first and second layers.

Are fleece tops windproof?

When you go exploring in windy conditions, a long-sleeved men's fleece pullover or full zip fleece jacket is a great choice for staying warm. Highly versatile, they can be worn alone over a base layer or as an insulating layer under an outer shell, depending on how cold the wind chill is. A hoodie style will aid wind protection, shielding your head, ears and neck from chilly breezes.

Do fleece tops make a good base layer?

Fleece tops are soft on the skin but they are most effective when they are layered over some thermals. They provide excellent warmth without too much bulk, so you can wear them alone as an outer-layer in cool, dry conditions, or comfortably under an additional hard shell, such as a rain jacket or snow jacket, depending on how wet or cold the weather gets.



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