Women's Softshell & Windshell Jackets

The softshell jacket is the versatile 'all-rounder' in the jacket category, providing functional benefits that allow you to wear it any time of the year. Depending on the environment you find yourself in, the weather conditions you are exposed to, and the activity you've undertaken, you can wear it alone over your thermals or as a mid-layer under a hard-shell outer, giving you total flexibility when you step outside. Choose a style from our women's softshell jacket range and be confident in its all-round ability to deliver comfort and protection on your adventures.

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What are the most popular women's softshell jackets?

Many outdoor adventurers choose a softshell jacket as their 'go-to' outerwear garment because of their versatile, all-round functionality. They can be worn year-round as a mid-layer piece in poor weather or as an outer layer in moderate, less severe conditions. They deliver an optimal balance between warmth, comfort, protection and breathability, making them suitable for hiking, camping, skiing or just everyday wear.

What outdoor activities are softshell jackets best for?

Delivering a high-performance mix of comfort, protection and warmth, our range of outdoor women's softshell jackets are designed to be used for a variety of outdoor activities. They offer a high level of breathability allowing you to comfortably wear them while hiking or trail running in cool climates, while the stretch properties of the softshell fabric make them a great choice for climbing when range of movement is desired. They can also be used for travelling, backpacking or just everyday winter wear thanks to the overall comfort and warmth they provide.

Can you wear softshell jackets skiing and snowboarding?

A women's softshell ski jacket will provide effective protection from cold, wind and snow through its windproof membrane and Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, making it suitable for basic snow activities. If your skiing or snowboarding skill level is high and the action is more intense, you might want to invest in a more technical ski jacket, that will likely offer enhanced waterproof protection and better insulation properties for the more extreme conditions you're likely to be playing in.

What softshell jackets are great for cold weather?

Our women's softshell jacket range has been designed to provide warmth and comfort in cold weather, with a TPU membrane and Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to keep water, cold air and wind on the outside where it belongs. A hooded style adds protection to your head and ears, while fit adjustments in the hem and wrist cuffs help trap body heat within. When the temperature heads south towards 0čš“, pair your ladies softshell jacket with an insulated ski jacket or rain jacket, depending on whether you're hitting the slopes or hitting the trails.

Are softshell jackets water-resistant?

The outdoor women's softshell jackets in our range provide a reliable level of water protection through a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish and TPU membrane. This allows you to get outdoors even when rain threatens to spoil the party. For full waterproof protection, layer your ladies softshell jacket underneath a rain jacket, which will keep you completely dry with its waterproof fabrics and seam-sealed construction.

What is the difference between a softshell and hard-shell jacket?

Softshell jackets have a softer, more flexible hand-feel to them compared to a hard-shell jacket. This is largely attributed to the stretch-woven polyester or nylon and elastane fabrications that are used to construct them. A hard-shell jacket, like a rain jacket or ski jacket, will have a more durable and robust shell fabrication to give it greater protection against the elements. For this reason, they are only ever really worn as an outer layer. A softshell jacket can be worn as an outer layer in moderate weather conditions or as a mid-layer garment under a hard-shell when the weather gets really sour.

What colours are women's softshell jackets available in?

Our ladies softshell jacket comes in black, with sizes ranging from 8 to 18. It delivers warmth, breathability and range of movement, giving you the comfort and protection you need when taking on the great outdoors. To add more colour to your look, pair it up with one of our rain jackets or ski jackets (depending on your choice of adventure) as well as some of our accessories, including hats, beanies, scarves and headbands.



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