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Explore in style & comfort with women’s down jackets by Mountain Designs. Shop high quality, functional & warm down puffer jackets for every adventurer.

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Explore In Comfort With Women's Down Jackets At Mountain Designs

The classic down jacket is an outdoor adventurer's staple garment. With highly compressible and lightweight down insulation that provides warmth without weight, a down jacket is a versatile, easy-to-pack outer shell designed for exploring cooler climates. Mountain Designs has a huge range of down jackets for women, in various styles, sizes and colours, which have all been constructed with the high quality and functionality adventurers have come to expect from us. Discover the warmth and insulation of women's down jackets and puffer jacket styles from Mountain Designs.

Why Choose A Women's Down Jacket From Mountain Designs?

Down insulation is one of nature's best insulating materials, providing lightweight, high-quality performance. When choosing a women's down jacket from Mountain Designs, you can be assured you've made a quality investment in your warmth and comfort. Our women's down jackets feature high loft ratings, ripstop outer fabrics for durability, Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finishes to combat wet weather, and functional elements such as baffle construction, hoods, and adjustable hems or wrist cuffs. Learn more about choosing the best down jackets with our handy Field Notes article on the difference between our down jackets, and discover more about this great material with getting the low down on down!

Women's Down Jackets FAQs

What are women's down jackets made of?

Most people have heard of down insulation but don't really understand it fully. So what exactly is down? Simply put, it is the undercoat found beneath feathers - predominantly around the chest area - on fowl such as ducks and geese. A down cluster traps air within its barbs, providing thermally-efficient performance. This makes it an excellent fill for jackets, sleeping bags, and blankets or quilts designed for use in cold climates. The best down jacket for women adopts a combination of this down insulation with durable ripstop fabric for its outer shell, and a soft-to-touch inner lining. Together, these materials work perfectly to deliver a high-performance insulation jacket that is comfortable, protective and above all else, warm.

Women's down jackets vs women's puffer jackets: what's the difference?

A puffer jacket is a broad term used to describe quilted and insulated jackets in a range of styles and materials. Women's puffer jackets can be made with natural down insulation or feature synthetic fillings. Women's down jackets are a type of puffer jacket, where the type filling (down) is indicated in the name. Down jackets are prized for their high warmth-to-weight ratio, whereas synthetic puffer jackets can be heavier, bulkier and offer less warmth than their down-filled counterparts.

What outdoor activities are down jackets best for?

Down jackets are super versatile garments for the cooler weather. The best down jacket for women will provide insulation from cold weather but without the bulk and weight, thanks to the naturally thermal-regulating down fill that is highly compressible. This type of jacket keeps you warm and comfortable when the air is chilly or windy, but easily packs away in your bag or pack when you warm up. So if you're looking for a women's winter jacket that is versatile enough for hiking, camping, travelling or just getting about town, you should get your hands on a high-quality down jacket from Mountain Designs.

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