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The little things add up when it comes to having a good night's sleep under the stars. Shop the wide range of Mountain Designs sleeping accessories to ensure both you and your loved ones get the best shut-eye possible when out on adventures. Our collection includes self-inflating pillows, air pillows, travel pillows and other sleeping accessories for eyes, which are easy to use, compactible, and most of all, comfortable.

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What are the best sleeping accessories to take camping?

A camping trip is about comfort and often it's the little things that can make a big difference. The same applies for when it's time to get some rest. Self-inflating pillows are an obvious place to start, offering extra comfort for your head and neck that you will appreciate the next morning. An eye mask is another handy addition, as it will completely block out any light from the stars and moon in the sky, or nearby campfires, so you can fall asleep quickly. Sleeping bag liners and fitted sheets for your sleeping mat are also useful, offering extra softness and warmth, as well as extending the life of your sleeping gear by protecting it from wear and tear, body oils, and dirt, sand and other materials. For the best sleep accessories, shop the wide range on offer at Mountain Designs.

How can you make sleeping in a tent more comfortable?

The following list of tips will help maximise comfort when you're sleeping in a tent:

  • Buy a quality sleeping bag. If you're going to be sleeping outside for a few days on end, you can't just use any old sleeping bag. Get one with the appropriate temperature rating to suit the conditions you will be sleeping in. To learn more about temperature ratings, read on here.
  • Pitch your tent on flat ground that is free of rocks, sticks and other debris. Seems obvious but lying all night on a sharp object isn't going to be much fun. If you do have to set up camp on a hill, align your sleeping bag so your head is higher than your body to stop blood rushing to your head.
  • Make full use of the features of your tent to suit weather conditions. Open windows, air vents and doors in warm, tropical climates for air flow, or shut them all when the temperature drops or if you're camping in high winds.
  • Use the vestibule space at the door opening to store packs and bags. This frees up the inside of the tent for your sleeping gear and allows you to move around a little easier.
  • Invest in a quality pillow. A self-inflating pillow or air pillow is easy to carry and store in your pack, and most importantly will give your head comfort and support through the night.
  • Use sleeping accessories to complement your sleeping bag and sleeping mat. A sleeping bag liner or fitted sheet will offer additional softness and warmth to that of your bag or mat, and will help to maximise their life by protecting them from damage.
  • Warm your sleeping bag prior to bedtime. Use a hot water bottle, or even punch out some sit ups - the body heat will help warm the bag. Just don't overdo it and get all sweaty.

What is the best camping pillow?

While it is ultimately a personal choice, self-inflating pillows often make the best camping pillows. They offer proper softness and support for your head and neck through foam insulation, inflate quickly and easily with a minimum amount of effort, and can pack down into a compact size when not in use. An air pillow is also effective, although they may not offer the same levels of comfort as a self-inflator. If you're really stuck, a rolled-up down jacket or vest can even be used as a make-shift pillow.

Which pillows are self-inflating?

Mountain Designs offers pillows that self-inflate and air pillows that need to be blown up manually. The convenience of a self-inflating pillow comes from the fact that you simply open the air valve and wait a few minutes while it fills up with air. You can then adjust the firmness to suit your preference, with an additional few breaths of air all that will be needed to fully inflate the pillow.

What are the best travel pillows?

The whole point of taking a travel pillow on your adventures is so you don't have to lug your normal pillow from home along with you. With that in mind, size and packability becomes vital, allowing you to stow it away without taking up too much packing space. But there's also no point having the smallest, most compact pillow if it doesn't actually offer comfort when you're sleeping. The best travel pillow will strike the right balance between packability and soft, supportive comfort for you neck and head, to ensure you still get a good night of sleep. Mountain Designs offers a wide range of sleeping gear for travel, with a variety of air pillows, self-inflating pillows, travel pillows and eye masks to choose from.



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