Men's Rain Jackets

A well-designed weatherproof shell is your frontline defence against wind and rain. Mountain Designs has a fit-for-purpose men's range of rain jackets for you to choose from - all waterproof, all breathable and all lightweight - offering the highest levels of protection for when the weather turns nasty and threatens to dampen your spirits and adventures.

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What men's rain jackets are available at Mountain Designs?

Rain jackets are essential to your outdoor adventures, helping you stay dry and comfortable when wet weather circles in on the radar. Our range of men's rain jackets are fit-for-purpose and have been technically engineered to deliver lightweight, breathable, waterproof protection. We have a variety of styles in different colours and sizes to choose from, so you can select the design that meets your outerwear needs.

What makes a good rain jacket?

The best rain jackets incorporate certain technical elements into their design, giving you comfort and functionality, but most importantly the weather protection you need. These include:

Waterproof Fabric - A waterproof jacket must use waterproof fabric to create an outer shell that acts like a shield by stopping water from penetrating through. The strength of this barrier, known as the waterproof rating, depends on how much water the shell can withstand and is measured in millimetres. Generally speaking, the higher the rating, the greater the waterproofness. Technology brands such as GORE-TEX® specialise in manufacturing these types of fabrics and guarantee waterproof protection for the life of the garment.

Breathable Fabric - The breathability, or vapour permeability, of a garment is the ability of its fabric to transfer hot air and sweat from inside to the outside. This is measured as grams of water vapour passing through 1m2 of fabric in 24 hours, with a higher rating indicating greater breathability. Ultimately it means you'll stay more dry and comfortable when you become more active.

Seam-Sealed Construction - To create a fully waterproof jacket, all the seams should be sealed internally with tape to ensure water can't pass through the stitching.

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Finish - This treatment is applied to the outer surface of rain jackets and protects the face fabric from becoming saturated. It does this by causing the water to bead up and roll off the garment's exterior.

Functional Design Components - The best rain jackets should be designed with functional components such as hoods, adjustable hems and adjustable sleeves, to allow you to personalise your fit and maximise protection from the elements.

What are the best waterproof jackets for hiking?

Depending on the intensity of your hike, you are most likely working up a bit of a sweat. So while the best waterproof jackets for hiking obviously need to keep rain on the outside, they also need to keep you dry on the inside, meaning breathability is crucial. A high quality, breathable rain jacket will help transfer warm body heat and sweat droplets to the outside of the shell, keeping you cooler and drier. Keep in mind that if you're exerting yourself in hot and humid conditions, no rain jacket is likely to feel entirely dry on the inside.

Do men's rain jackets offer wind protection?

The bonus to wearing rain jackets is that they also provide wind protection through the waterproof membrane and seam-sealed construction. There are a variety of tests that indicate whether a jacket is 'windproof' or not but as a general rule, if you're wearing a waterproof jacket, you'll be shielded from wind chill.

What are the best men's rain jackets for warmth?

Rain jackets do provide protection from wind chill thanks to the waterproof membrane and seam-sealed construction that restrict water and cool air from passing through the fabric surface and seam stitching. However, to stay warm when adventuring in wet weather, rain jackets should be paired with first-layer undergarments like thermals, and in colder climates with an additional lightweight mid-layer such as a fleece top or vest.

Which men's waterproof jackets are lightweight?

Rain jackets are designed to act as an outer shell that creates a barrier between your body and the rain outside. So while the fabric needs to be robust and waterproof, it should also be light in weight to allow you to layer-up underneath with thermals or mid-layer garments such as fleece tops, vests, t-shirts or shirts. All the rain jackets in our men's apparel range are lightweight and designed to fit comfortably over sub-layers of clothing so you can stay both dry and warm on your adventures.

Which men's rain jackets are breathable?

As you perspire, the air inside your jacket heats up and becomes more humid than the air on the outside. Waterproof fabric technologies, such as those manufactured by GORE-TEX®, not only provide rain protection but also transfer the hot air and sweat through to the outside leaving you feeling cooler and drier on the inside. All of the styles in the Mountain Designs range of men's rain jackets are designed to be breathable, so a downpour on your adventure doesn't need to slow you down.

Which men's rain jackets are compactable?

It's a smart move to pack a waterproof jacket on your outdoor adventures so the fun can continue even in the wet. We design our men's rain jackets to be lightweight and compactible, so when the sun does reappear you can easily stow them away in your pack. Some styles even stuff down into their own pocket for storage, making them perfect for travel or lightweight hiking trips when you have minimal packing space.



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