At The Peak Of Warmth For Weight

by Harrison Candlin - Adventure Ambassador

At The Peak Of Warmth For Weight

Everyone has their go-to jacket for adventuring. For outdoor photographer and Mountain Designs ambassador Harrison Candlin, it's the Mountain Designs Peak 700 down jacket. Designed for cold climate day hikes, travel and everyday exploration, it provides superior warmth without the weight through its streamlined, V-shaped baffle design and highly compressible, 700 fill power goose down insulation. Harrison and his partner Madison have both been geared up in the Peak, read on for their gear review.

Peak 700 Down Jacket

When travelling for long periods, especially through cold temperature regions, it's important to be smart with what you buy and pack. You want to have the least amount of gear but be able to get the most wear out of it. We've put the Peak 700 down jackets to the test in extreme Canadian winter conditions as well as the mild but windy autumn days in New Zealand, and they haven't let us down.

Cruising The Icefields Parkway In Canada
Making Cool Memories Wearing The Peak Down Jackets

We've made some pretty cool memories wearing these jackets, from cruising the Icefields Parkway in Canada to hiking in Fiordland and exploring closer to our temporary New Zealand home.

The Peak down jackets have the major features and benefits a quality down jacket should have, such as:

Reliable Insulation - The Peak has an excellent warmth to weight ratio. We can confirm that 700 fill power goose down insulation keeps you nice and toasty!

Wind Resistance - So important for any adventure where you might be exposed to wind chill.

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Coating - If down gets wet it can clump and lose its insulation properties. Saturated down may also destroy the jacket for good. So some kind of water repellence is vital. Keep this in mind when packing for trips too; if there is a chance of rain, you'll likely need a waterproof rainwear layer to go with your down jacket.

700 Loft Rating Of The Goose Down Insulation
The Peak Down Jackets Delivers Lightweight Warmth

The 700 loft rating of the goose down insulation is indicative of the lightweight warmth the Peak delivers.

There are a few little things that set this jacket apart from others on the market. Firstly, the pockets have a fleece lining as opposed to nylon which makes all the difference for your digits on a cold day! The packability is another thing. Most down jackets are at least somewhat packable but for us keeping track of a packing bag is just annoying. The fact that these jackets pack down into their own pocket makes it so easy to store. The pockets are also coloured which means you won't get mixed up with his and hers when they are packed away.

If you're heading into cool conditions and looking for a durable, warm down jacket that has all the important technical features, we would absolutely recommend the Peak down jacket range.

The Peak Has Fast Become A Favourite For Travel, Day Hikes & Exploring Outdoors

The Peak has fast become a favourite for travel, day hikes and exploring outdoors when the temperature starts to drop.

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