Men's Snow Jackets

We've built a high-quality range of snow jackets specifically engineered to meet the harsher environment and dynamic movements of skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports pursuits. Innovative fabrications and functional construction design deliver warmth, comfort and protection from ice, wind, water and snow so you can go harder for longer when the slopes are calling.

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What should you look for when choosing a men's snow jacket?

Whether you are wandering outside in the snow or hitting the slopes with your snowboard, the first thing to consider with your snow jacket is warmth. This is primarily achieved through some form of insulation - usually a synthetic fill layer - and a seam-sealed construction, which helps keep snow, ice, wind and water outside. Other features to look for include sleeve and hem adjusters for a personal fit that traps body heat within, and a hood that protects your head and ears (just make sure it is helmet compatible if you're getting in on the skiing or snowboarding fun). You will also want to make sure the shell fabric is durable, waterproof and breathable, to provide long-lasting wear and further protection from the elements.

What men's jackets can you wear skiing & snowboarding?

All styles in our range of men's snow jackets are technically-engineered to meet the demands of skiing and snowboarding. They feature waterproof yet highly breathable fabric shells, as well as synthetic fill insulation, to deliver warmth, comfort and protection while you're out on the snow fields. They're also constructed with design features such as ninja cuffs, adjustable hems and sleeves, and snow skirts, and convenient extras like ski pass pockets and helmet-compatible hoods, making them the perfect ski jacket for action-packed winter adventures.

What men's jackets are the warmest?

An insulated jacket is the warmest outer layer you can wear, full stop. Our range of insulated snow jackets are constructed with a synthetic fill layer to keep you warm in cold conditions, as well as a waterproof shell that provides a protective shield from wind, ice, snow and water. If you need a ski jacket, this is where you should be looking. We also range down jackets that provide excellent warmth without weight through the down fill insulation. These are best worn as a mid-layer under your snow jacket or rain jacket, or as a lightweight, outer-layer winter jacket in dry conditions.

Which men's snow jackets are waterproof?

Keeping the wetness of ice and snow on the outside is the main job of your ski jacket. We have designed each style in our men's range of snow jackets with highly waterproof fabrics to prevent water from penetrating the shell, so you can take full confidence in your outerwear whether casually trekking through alpine country or shredding it up with your snowboard. A Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish has also been applied to the outer surface of our snow jackets, protecting the face fabric from becoming saturated. This helps with the breathability of the jacket, allowing the transfer of body heat and perspiration from the inside to the outside, so you stay more comfortable once you're on the move.

What are the benefits of a down jacket in the snow?

Down jackets offer exceptional warmth without weight thanks to natural ability of the down fill to trap air between the feathers and down clusters. This lightweight insulation makes them an incredibly effective mid-layer under your heavier snow jacket, in place of a fleece top or softshell jacket. The down fill is also highly compressible, so you can easily stuff your jacket away into your backpack if you need to layer down. Be careful wearing a down jacket as an outer-layer winter jacket when it's snowing however, as it won't give you the same high levels of waterproof protection or weather resistance as a snow jacket.

What are the benefits of insulated jackets?

The obvious benefit to wearing an insulated jacket is the warmth it provides when you're outside in cold climates. It does this, quite simply, by trapping body heat within the jacket itself. Whether it uses a synthetic fill to achieve this (like our men's range of snow jackets) or down fill, you will feel much more comfortable when the mercury drops with a high-quality insulated jacket working for you as your outer layer.

Which men's fleece jackets are good for snow activities?

Our range of men's Mountain Designs fleece jackets come in a variety of weights, so the temperature of your surroundings will dictate how heavy the knit construction needs to be. In general, however, fleece is lightweight, soft and warm, making it an ideal mid-layer underneath a snow jacket with weather-resistant properties. Alpine mountaineers, skiers and snowboarders have long used fleece jackets and tops as part of their layering system.

What colours and sizes are men's snow jackets available in?

You need warmth, comfort and protection no matter where your next snow trip is planned for, so look to our men's range of snow jackets for a selection of purpose-made, contemporary styles. Our snow jackets have been engineered with technical features to enhance your snow-fuelled adventures, and come in black, grey, and a navy and red two-tone, in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL.



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