Gear List - Discovering Lord Howe Island

by Chris Hartley - Mountain Designs

Gear List - Discovering Lord Howe Island

For an unforgettable holiday adventure to a seemingly lost part of the world, it's hard to go past the peace and tranquillity of Lord Howe Island. Renowned for its incredible natural beauty and relaxed island vibe, it is a hidden jewel in the Tasman Sea, some two hours off the eastern coastline of Australia. To help you make the most of your trip, we've compiled a gear list to ensure you are well equipped for a journey to this amazing destination.

The Island

Lord Howe Island is a tiny, remote island off the east coast of Australia in the Tasman Sea. It is a volcanic remnant, 11 kilometres long and 2.8 kilometres wide, with just 300 permanent residents to call it home, and only 400 visitors allowed to join them at any one time. An unspoiled eco-wonderland, it has sparkling clear waters, white sandy beaches and lush green rainforests to maintain the abundance of tropical marine life and bird life that can be found there. In 1982 it was World Heritage listed for its natural ecological significance. For a more in-depth look at what Lord Howe Island has to offer, check out our Journey To The Lost World – Lord Howe Island.

The Activities

There is much to do on the island, with most activities connecting participants to the natural surroundings, or diversity of flora and fauna. Hiking, trail walking and cycling are exceptional, as are the water sports on offer, such as snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking and paddle boarding. For a more comprehensive list of all the great activities available on the island, check out our Top Ten Activities on Lord Howe Island.

The Gear

The climate on Lord Howe Island is humid sub-tropical, so having the right gear for this weather will go a long way to helping you enjoy your stay. Rainfall is typically heavier in summer, winds are frequent and salt-laden, and temperatures reach around 25°C in summer (average high) and drop to about 13°C in the colder months (average minimum). Depending on what activities you choose to do, you’ll also need clothing and equipment to suit.

Personal Gear Checklist

Check out our gear list below for advice on what Mountain Designs gear will best equip you for your Lord Howe Island adventure:

Hiking Essentials

Other Gear


  • Trip itinerary

Packs & Bags




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