Maximising The Natural Merino Advantage

by Harrison Candlin - Adventure Ambassador

Maximising The Natural Merino Advantage

Layering is a basic wardrobe skill that every adventurer needs to understand. It all starts with the base layer and this is where thermals come in. As their life on the road rolls on, Mountain Designs ambassador Harrison Candlin and partner Madison have been rigorously gear testing our Merino wool thermal range, from cold Canadian winter nights through to wind-chilled day hikes in New Zealand. Check out their gear review to see the benefits of investing in a quality, 100% natural under layer.

Merino Thermals

The importance of base layers should never be overlooked when preparing for cold temperatures. It is the job of a base layer to provide warmth and comfort by wicking moisture from the body and preventing chafing. Thermals are the most common category of base layer, and more specifically Merino wool thermals have become a staple for anyone getting active in the outdoors. Merino wool is known for its temperature regulating ability (keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm), breathability, sweat wicking and odour resistance. So many benefits from this natural material.

We have been testing out the Mountain Designs Merino thermal range over the last few months of cold temperatures and we can definitely vouch for the quality and performance of the product. The pants come in one standard style with an elastic high-waisted band. The tops come in two styles; a standard long sleeve, and a long sleeve with quarter zip. Personally, I prefer the quarter zip option as the collar is higher and absorbs any sweat from the neck area. Madison on the other hand prefers the standard long sleeve as it is more versatile and can be worn under different styles of jackets without being seen.

Living on the road isn't always the most hygienic way to do things, often we go a couple of weeks without getting a chance to do our laundry. So the fact that Merino wool has natural antibacterial and odour resisting properties is definitely a huge advantage for us. We wear our thermals A LOT, from base layers on hikes, to pyjamas for bed, or as just another layer when walking around a town. It is super handy to not worry about them (or us) getting too stinky or dirty to wear.

Merino Wool Thermals For Different Conditions & Activities
Mountain Designs Merino Thermal Range
Keeping Warm & Comfortable Every Step Of The Way

Our Merino wool thermals have kept us warm and comfortable every step of the way, no matter what the conditions or activity.

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