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Confidently embarking on an adventure is much easier with the right gear in your pack. At Mountain Designs, we stock a comprehensive range of useful and easy-to-stow outdoor travel accessories, travel bags, and equipment so you can be well prepared for each and every situation you come across. Equip yourself with the little accessories and it will go a long way towards having a great trip.

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What types of travel accessories are available?

Mountain Designs stocks a wide range of outdoor travel accessories from leading brands such as Go Travel, Pacsafe and Humangear. They specialise in a variety of handy products, so if you need a travel bag, toiletry bag, travel wallet or travel belt, look for their ranges. You can also get passport holders and travel document wallets, power adaptors, locks, luggage IDs, containers and pillows, so wherever you're heading you've got comfort and convenience in your hands. For all your women's and men's travel accessories, shop the range today.

What are the must-have accessories when travelling?

If you are setting off on any travel adventure, it's a good idea to pack a few must-have travel accessories to make life easier. Some of the best travel accessories to help you save time, money and space on your journey include:

Travel Pillow - Small and compact, but worth having for the extra comfort they provide especially on long haul plane flights or bus trips. Pair it with a sleep mask for even further sleep support.

Money Belt/Security Pouch - These help keep valuables like money, credit cards and ID cards safe and secure. Streamline designs that sit flat against your body are ideal, and make sure they are constructed with RFID-blocking material to protect RFID-enabled credit cards from data theft.

Locks - For peace of mind, you should secure your luggage while in transit, and lock up your backpack zips while in busy crowds or on public transport.

Storage Units/Containers - Using some packing cells or dry bags will help keep clothing and accessories organised while you're living out of a bag. Toiletry bags, spare tubes and containers are also useful.

Music/Media Accessories - These days you should carry your own music accessories when you travel, given how much we are all on our mobile devices. Get some noise-cancelling earphones so you can enjoy whatever you're watching without loudly ruining someone else's journey.

Travel Adaptors - Heading overseas? You'll need some travel adaptors for recharging the battery for your phone, camera or laptop. Make sure you choose the travel adaptor that is compatible to your destination though; travel adaptors have different socket configurations for different regions of the world.

What bag is best to take travelling?

Like when choosing any bag or pack, the best travel bag depends exactly on what you are using it for. For day trips and sightseeing, some sort of anti-theft day pack will be a good option. Look for designs with zipper lockdown points, durable and slash-resistant outers, and RFID-blocking materials that protect credit cards from skimming theft. You'll also want multiple pockets and pouches for organising personal items, and standard pack features like adjustable padded shoulder straps for personalised comfort. Alternatively, you could go for something more minimal like a travel wallet or travel accessory bag that can secure cash, cards and keys. For bigger hauling, a travel pack or duffle bag would be the best choice, and if you're travelling abroad, you may want to consider luggage like a suitcase or a roller bag.

What accessories are great for plane trips?

When you're heading overseas and stuck on a plane for long periods of time, there are some simple travel accessories that will come in handy. For mobile devices, make sure you have some ear-phones or a headset (ideally noise-cancelling so you don't annoy the person sitting next to you); for sleeping, pack a sleep mask, ear plugs and a travel pillow; and for security, consider locks and some sort of luggage ID tag. Some sort of travel accessory bag to house these items within your bigger travel bag will also make finding them easier.

What travel wallet and belts can you choose from?

If you're looking for a travel wallet, travel document wallet or travel belt, Mountain Designs offers a great range to choose from. Some of the key features you'll want when it comes to travel wallets (or passport holders as they are sometimes called) include RFID-blocking materials to protect your credit cards from skimming theft, multiple card sleeves, and hidden zip closures. Also try to get a streamline and compact design that sits close against your body, making it harder for thieves to cut-and-run or pickpocket you.

Why should you use a travel lock?

One of the biggest concerns when travelling abroad is security - how can you ensure your gear and personal belongings remain safe? The simplest way to discourage pickpockets and keep opportunistic thieves at bay is by locking your travel bag or day pack. A travel lock is small, solid and easy to use, and will fit most zipped luggage, bags or packs.

What are the best travel pillows?

When you're travelling you have limited packing space, and while it would be great to carry your regular pillow around with you, it's just not practical. As such, a travel pillow is one of those must-have travel accessories it is worth investing in. Most travel pillows are shaped either as a small rectangle or in a U-shape that can wrap-around the neck for comfort and support. The designs are also usually small and compact so they don't take up too much packing space - an inflatable travel pillow (self-inflating or air inflation) will help minimise load considerably.



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