Product Care Instructions - Sleeping Mats

Product Care Instructions - Sleeping Mats

Taking care of your sleeping mat guarantees you keep getting the good night's sleep you deserve after a long day of adventuring. Mountain Designs recommends the following care instructions:

Cleaning Your Mat

  • Hand wash with a mild soap or detergent (preferably biodegradable) and water, with the mat inflated and the valve closed. Use a soft sponge to gently scrub away any marks or stains. Do not use bleach, fabric softener, conditioners or stain removers as they can affect the sleeping mat's performance.
  • Rinse the mat well, wipe it with a towel, and then let it air dry before deflating and storing.
  • Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron your sleeping mat.

Storing Your Mat

  • Store your mat in a cool, dry place with no weight on top of it. Ensure it is completely dry before you store it. An ideal storage solution is under your bed.
  • Insulated Mats: Where possible and especially in long term storage, we recommend storing your mat unrolled and with the valve open. This will help preserve the quality of the foam inside and minimise the risk of puncture while in storage.
  • Air Mats: We recommend storing your mat rolled up in its stuff sack.

Repairing Your Mat

  • A repair kit is included in the packaging with your mat.

General Tips & Notes

  • Set up the mat at home to ensure you are familiar with it.
  • Clear away sharp or protruding objects that may damage the mat.
  • Do not over-inflate the mat.
  • Avoid placing hot objects on the mat, such as cooking pots and pans, as they can damage the bond between the surface fabric and the internal foam.
  • Avoid getting water inside the mat. When blowing extra air into the mat, avoid transferring too much air into the mat from your mouth as the moisture from your breath can have a small but negative effect inside the mat in some conditions.
  • Insect repellents containing DEET can damage the materials used in the production of the mat.
  • Keep the mat away from open flames as it uses non-flame retardant materials.
  • The mat has not been designed to be used as a flotation device.
  • The mat has been stored in a compressed state and may take up to one hour to fully inflate upon first use. After this first use, the mat should easily inflate within minutes.




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