Men's Jackets & Vests

A high quality, highly functional jacket or vest is an essential outerwear piece and core item on any adventurer's gear list. Mountain Designs has an exceptional range of men's jackets and vests to choose from, formulated for different end uses, constructed with innovative fabrications and technologies, and most of all, designed to perform. Don't let the weather dictate your adventure, protect yourself from the elements.

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What should you look for when choosing a men's jacket?

This very much depends on what type of activity you are pursuing, and what the conditions are likely to be. You need to find the right balance between comfort and ease of movement, and still being protected from what the elements might throw at you. We stock rain jackets, down jackets (or puffer jackets as they're also known as), softshell jackets, snow jackets, fleece jackets, merino jackets, and vests, in various colours, sizes and styles. So whether you are going for a casual walk, hitting the slopes or planning to summit a mountain, we have a huge assortment of men's jackets and vests - all fit-for-purpose - for you to choose from with confidence.

What are the best vests for men?

Vests should keep your core warm, whether worn alone or used as a layering piece under an outer shell. For this reason, they need to provide insulation, be lightweight, and streamlined in construction to minimise bulk and fit comfortably under a jacket. Our range of men's vests includes down vests and fleece vests that are stylish, fit-for-purpose and put a big tick next to those criteria.

Should I choose a vest or jacket?

The main difference between jackets and vests is basically protection for your arms. So if you need to stay warmer or drier, you best be zipping up a jacket. Vests are often a more comfortable choice when the sun is out, and similarly if bad weather rolls in, vests can be better for layering under a waterproof jacket or insulation jacket. For more casual activity - think walking, light hikes, camping or just heading to the local park - a vest is also a good choice.

What are the warmest vests for men?

Vests keep your core heated with fewer layers and less bulk, but if you really want to stay warm, you need to choose one with insulative properties. Down vests are a great place to start, offering exceptional warmth without the weight through the highly compressible, natural down fill. You could also go for a fleece vest with a wind-resistant, inner membrane that helps trap body heat within and keep chilled air outside. Whichever way you go, you will have excellent wind protection and insulation from the cold.

Which are the best lightweight vests for men?

Down vests offer exceptional warmth without weight, making them an easy choice when it comes to lightweight vests. This is achieved through the highly compressible, natural down fill that traps heat within the down clusters, helping to maintain warmth but with less bulk. Goose down can trap more warmth than duck down, meaning less fill is required. So for an ultra-lightweight puffer vest, look for this premium offering. Fleece vests can also be a lightweight option, depending on the weight of the fleece knit construction.

Why should I choose a hooded jacket?

Losing body heat through exposed extremities contributes to a drop in your core body temperature. A hooded jacket helps moderate this by helping to keep your head and ears warm. We have hooded rain jackets, hooded down jackets and vests, hooded softshell jackets, and hooded snow jackets to give you that extra little bit of protection from wind, rain and snow.

Can I get any jacket or vest wet?

Adventure isn't only for sunny days. When the weather changes suddenly, or you just feel like getting outdoors in the rain, you need a jacket or vest that can cope with the downpour. We design our rain jackets with technical elements to do just that - using waterproof fabrics, waterproofing treatments such as a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, inner membranes, fully seam sealed construction, or a combination of these, to achieve waterproofness. The same goes for our snow jackets and softshell jackets. What we do is engineer end-use specific, high-performance gear - what you get is a waterproof jacket that can withstand the heavens opening or long sessions out in the powder.



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